that thing

I remember this song, when I was a kid, the meaning is just really good, so gurls you better watch out for dem guys cuz their after that thing looool...ok for real its really cute an whats really good i found the acapella without the music. O yes my apologies that i havent been on for awhile, know how it is


imaan49 aka ascension


imaan49 aka ascension

Feeling lovey dovey

So after reading a few of Mina's posts i started feeling very mushy and lovey dovey (thanks alot)..i know gross, but hey i'm female i'm entitled to be this girly...but anyways i remember that us girls love all these mushy things and we secretly wish our husbands would do sweet things for us but lets face it, men dont got a clue. I remember one of my cousins specifically would ask me for advice an some romantic things to do for his wife, he used to always come back to me saying how much she loved it..anyways i felt bad cuz if only she knew i was really her lover and not him, but all in all it made her feel good an i remember giving him a poem to read to her loool, it was a TEAR JERKER

I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,
or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.
I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
I love you as the plant that never blooms
but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;
thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,
risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know no other way
than this: where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.

Pablo Neruda

LOVE <3 Imaan49

Mic Check

So here's the deal, I was looking for some Amir Sulayman poetry and theirs quite a few I had in mind to post, with the assumption that you all are poetry freaks like me. However I think I found something I decided to share for the time being. It pretty much illustrates the type of discrimination my family and I faced on our way back from saudi at the london airport, and yes it still does exist. It's called a random check and we had to lets just say let go of alot of "potentially dangerous items" in our luggage, one being our zamzam water (the sacred well/water located near the KaĘżba at Mecca). I assume they believed zamzam water to be hazardous and life threatening, hence we had to watch it being discarded infront of our eyes. Mind you all that we've actually brought zamzam water to canada before, but that day it was described to be a lethal substance but kheyr....o yes, this poets name is suheir hammad, she's a regular on def poetry jam, but this is one of my all time faves. Note her grand departure upon the completion of the poem...wicked eh (<--written for stereotypical purposes only)


So serene....

You know you're in trouble when your jokes contains nothing but bio language, and you understand everything Dr House says on tv. I think i'm beginning to live breathe an eat nursing LITERALLY!!. And what hurts the most is coming out of an exam dried eyed from having to use your tears as ink and your fellow peers come out all giddy exclaiming the exam was so easy. O yes and Why is it that every eid has to fall on an exam day, I don't get the logic behind it. I feel as though there is some sort of conspiracy and they know when eid will be. And how come York University has a holiday every other week, and at my school we don't even get a reading week. As you can see school is taking over my life, its like a hills episode, but without the glamour and money. Books are even more expensive and even vending machines have tax.
*sight* such is the life of school

o and by the way, Happy late eid to everyone, I know its very late but i was busy fighting with my immune system not to break down on me. :)

A day in the life of a saudi part two: arabian nights

As i opened my eyes i felt alot of gooo and sticky stuff on my face, i ran towards the mirror only to find red lipstick marks covering my face. So I assumed my day had begun, and infact the following days were quite similar to the first. You wake up at a time you wouldnt be waking up if you were home, an you get a sudden urge to eat all day. Ok one of many good things about saudi is the food. Now imagine this, being in a restaurant where you don't have to question the waiter if its made with pork/alcohol or whatever, its fresh, its halal an it actually tastes like food. You gain alot of weight, you know the kind of weight where you don't feel bad gaining, the little chunk of flubber you pinch in your stomach is actually a very fond memory, so i rub it at times an say happily "thats saudi". When you hear the phrase "get ready were going out!!!" it really meant, make sure you look like red carpet material under that abaya. Now don't get me wrong, we didnt dress "like a million bucks" infront of men, there are usually two entrances to a house one for the males an a seperate for the females, and seperate dining rooms, and a bigger room if both parties are comfortable being together in....o and the shoppings great

well enough of that, the major part to all this is going to mecca an medina, now when i say awesome i mean it was AWESOME. Medina is actually by far the most beautiful city i've ever seen, in the nasheed with dawud wharnsby he says "i travel through the world, but i doubt that i would see, a city with such wonder as medina", a very true statement might i add. Everything felt like a dream, an as much as i'd like to explain i doubt its possible, only because there are no words to describe that experience, if anyone would like to know, they should go an find out. Everything about saudi was just amazing, an it sucks now cuz all i have are memories, which don't seem good enough.....*sigh*


A day in the life of a saudi..the journey part 1

Asalaamu alaikum

*sigh*...since I've come back from KSA, I've been extremely miserable as if I'm an outcast in this country and I don't belong. At school I feel alienated from everyone, and my secret haven is the prayer room. Saudi was incredible an experience unlike any other. I was born and raised there and I've been back many times, but I guess this time the experience left me with a closer bond then ever, only because I had a feeling that this was the last time I'd be there, in a very long time or not at all. Because this time my reason for going was different, I wasn't as spoiled as I usually am when I go, so I got to experience KSA from a different point of view, more like from the angle of an actual saudi then a visitor. So here goes, I'll summarize my trip the whip of emotions/reactions an how I feel now. O yes if I had to compare how saudi feels like, well imagine a really big masjid, an imagine that masjid to be a home, a country for thousands of people...thats KSA

I left june 23 2008 I wasnt all that eager, because a)The flight was delayed, b)I've been there before so I assumed what I would be expecting, and c)I was in a really bad mood. So long story short, every plane we had to take to get there was delayed and/or cancelled. And no it doesnt take that many planes just to get there but because so many flights were cancelled we had to take alternate routes and even those planes were delayed so basically it was a three day journey. As you can see it started off bad already, We were extremely tired so we slept on the airport floor (literally) then continued in our journey. We got there looking like zombies, eye liner dripping down our faces, our clothes either soaked crumbled or stained. When we stepped outside it was as if a heat wave slapped our faces. Because I came with alot of people, my family including my relatives we had ALOT of luggage so we were out in the sun for a good while trying to get things together. When we arrived at the house we were soaked in sweat on top of the other disgusting things we mustve looked like. We didnt give proper salaams, which kind of appalled my grandparents and my relatives, I mean i would be angry if someone I was eagerly waiting for gave me a loose hug an walked by me...but mashallah my grandparents are darlings they understood.After the struggled greetings we dashed straight for our beds an slept like...well we slept for the hours that we missed....2 days later.

my eyes slowly drifted open and thats when it all be continued

back to life...back to reality

As you've guessed it, my vacation is over an we are now back in school. As miserable as I sound typing this message, it really aint so bad. But honestly I couldve sworn june was just yesterday, an I was eagerly awaiting the day I quit my job so I can leave this country, and within seconds I'm back, jobless, and have already been slapped with an assignment due next week. Well besides all that, the best part about this month is that its ramadan, and I actually like the fact that it came early in the year. Well anyways, since I just recently came back, its gonna take me awhile to get back into the habit again. I'll summarize my trip next time but until then lets sit back relax an wait for iftaar.


in saudi

So i'm vacationing now, an i havent been on this blog in a long time, pardon my spelling mistakes, the connection on this computer sucks an i dont have time to double check, so yea, i had an interesting journey here, all the flights starting from canada got delayed an it took three whole days just to get to saudi. It was torture, but the good part is all the airports gave us money to buy food, it wasnt the best food but when your hungry even water tastes soo much better. Well hmmmm the weather is pretty humid, they have wind but the wind is more like a heat wave Its like when you open an oven an alot of hot air just blows you, its exactly like that. Everyone can tell were outsiders, so buying things is difficult since they overprice us for everything. It would be easy if my arabic actually sounded like arabic but kheyr. Well when I go on a proper computer with a better connection i'll babble on some more, since thats what I do best

so peace from the middle east


Other excitements to ponder

With the exclusion of my trip to saudi, another thing that has me eagerly awaiting is the upcoming Twilight movie, made from the book Twilight by author Stephenie Meyers. This book was one of my faves, and although the plot line seems kind of cheesy when I explain it to people it is actually pretty good. One thing that had me shell shock is the choice of actors they had chosen for the movie. With the book "the kite runner" all the actors and the setting looked exactly how I imagined it to look like, except for assef the bad guy in the book. However with the movie Twilight, the main character Bella does not look like Bella to me. I dont know if this is something to complain about, but I already had my eyes open for that girl in that limony snickets movie to play Bella, because she was the perfect isabella swan in my eyes. Seriously do these people not read the books, this is just utterly disturbing, and I do not want to go to saudi with a sour mood, but movie writers if your reading this, next time.....please ask the fans for advice because it is us you want to please in the end.

thank you


Journey to Saudi

so i'm just blogging now for the sake of blogging. I've been away for awhile now because...(drum rolls) IM GOING TO SAUDI WOOHOOO!!!. So my flight leaves june 23 an I'll be gone for two months, my whole family and I'll be relaxing with the rest of dem saudi's sippin on that zam zam. I've been so busy just preparing, going shopping for gifts yada yada and just working my butt off. I'm so exhausted because there are so many things left to be done and I'm taking my precious time, as if i have time on my hands......which I don't, so don't let me fool you all. But all this stress and exhaustion will be worth it in the end especially when I do umrah with the fam...not that I am bragging and if it sounds like I'm bragging then my bad but who would be able to stop themselves from gabbing on about this.....right?

Well as much as I'm looking forward to the trip, I'm still feeling uneasy because I hate the feeling of having to "miss". I'll miss my friends, family, and especially my best friends wedding, which till now I cannot believe she set it while I'll be away. Saudi is an experience worth taking, the last time I went I felt the sense of belonging almost immediately, an the best thing about this trip now is that I'll be ready for whatever comes my way. I wasnt prepared for alot of things the last time, and I must admit the first week was just horrible, but the simplicity just took my breath away (thats when I got used to it of course). I cannot control my patience, and I'm so eager to see my grandparents again, and do umrah with all of us together just like old times. I have to remind myself that I'm only gonna sleep 6 hours everyday, I cannot waste my time there to sleep so hopefully that works out. So for now the blogging, on my part atleast, has ceased for just awhile, but I'll be back inshallah with full blown force ready to talk about the experience. I'll write when I'm there ya'll...


Do it Right!

i'm loving how there are so many more girls practising now, masha Allah it feels like another world but its still Toronto. more and more people are taking the hijab seriously and are wearing abaya's, fully long hijabs, and even socks with flats masha Allah. but what i cannot seem to understand are the girls that were orginally always practising, but don't follow the rules that they are knowingly breaking. i dont want to be judgemental don't get me wrong, but its so sad to see girls who were always wearing the hijab and are known to be good girls and "hijabi's" here in the material world, but are wearing skirts that are extremely tight or are showing their figure, or tops/shirts that show their figure and everything else, and even listen to music. its so contradicting if u really sit and think about it. i mean if there was anyone looking at the situation from an outside view they would say "do it right or Don't do it at all!" i myself sometimes fall into that trap when i do go out so i can understand it is tempting sometimes to wear that new skirt that fits just right or that new top that was on sale and u just had to get. and its so sad how we look at the kaafirs and shake our heads when we see them sporting short shorts or the tightest jeans that look painted on. but to be honest, i see no difference, our skirts are just as tight! we have to remember we are all an example regardless if we're by ourselves or in a group, the way we conduct our selves including the way we dress speaks much louder than words. ..but we gotta always remember our purpose in this world, and its not to please others, its to please Allah Subhana Wa Taa'laa and follow what has been brought down. so i guess this post was more of a heads up n a likkle reminder that we are the best of the Ummah but we have to show it as well.

Signing off, its sweet...Bittersweet007


There was an interesting "incident" that happened at my workplace yesterday, and when I was told the situation I was completely dumbfounded at the ignorance that exists at my workplace. I decided to share it with you all, and just share my anger and frustration with the people I love the most. I'm not too keen about my job, but hey a job is a job, and the only thing that I expect at any work area is respect for my deen.

So yesterday my manager called my friends into his office ( I wasnt in yesterday), to discuss a pattern he has noticed amongst the muslims in my section. He stated that we all log out of the phones at the same time, and seem to be taking the same "bathroom" breaks, I guess my friends realized right then and there that these bathroom breaks he was referring to are when we log out to go an pray our salaat. Nobody was confrontational because it couldve possibly meant that he made a mistake and misunderstood the situation, but instead he went on to say that "we abuse our break privileges", and that "if it was prayer that we want to do, we shouldve had asked for permission" he asked how many times we pray and if its necessary that we do.He even called a few other muslims into his office to see if the stories matched. I found all this very strange because from the beginning he had assigned a room especially for the muslims to go pray in and gave us permission to use it whenever we like, but when he called the muslims into his office he made it seem as though he was completely oblivious to islam. I don't understand why it was necessary for all those muslims at my workplace to get into trouble over something that we legally have the right to do. What was even more surprising is that fact that our team leader was the one who brought it to his attention, when she herself knew the reasons behind our temporary absense (which is usually five minutes tops)and she always helped us get an empty room to pray in. Apparently now were being monitored for everytime we get up, I think thats just ridiculous, I'm not too sure if the problem has been resolved, but from what I know is that he did not even apologize....
and yes my boss is a jerk, and were all looking for other jobs.....



Have you ever got a pimple on your face and even though it’s relatively small it’s the only thing you can notice on your own face. This morning I woke up and lo and behold this red thing was looking right at me. It changes your whole persona, u start trying to cover it when people are looking at you. I mean ZITS are so annoying arrrrg. The funny part is most of the time you’re the only person who really even notices it in the first place. I was offered lunch today and this friend kept looking at me; boy oh boy did it make me feel uncomfortable. Generally speaking I hate people looking at me and it’s even worse when you have this red thing popping out at you. This leads me to my next topic what is beauty?


Random Rage

So yea it’s my first blog and I can see I already have an image set out for me. Lets break out of that shell a little bit, the “baby” persona. Well my friends, age ain’t nothing but a number and I can definitely say that is very true. But yes so im here venting out a pet peeve of mine and it’s the constant belief that women are destined to live in the kitchen with their only utensils in life being a frying pan and a spatula. Don’t get me wrong I do believe that women should take care of their family, but to a certain degree. I mean come on, we’re all in school for a reason so I don’t see why its all of a sudden thrown away when the ring is placed on that finger. Why cant we have our careers, have our kids, and still be living happily? And yes being Somali has also given us the idea of having 13 kids as normal lol. I mean yea I guess time is something us ladies fear but for some reason out there I believe there is a happy way of living while having everything worked out. I mean why cant ur husband cook once in a while? Why can’t he take some time and clean the living room, or even set the table? So ya I guess for a first blog I look like a raging feminist but I do believe in women having a bigger role than just cooking and cleaning all day while the husband goes to work and asks for the big piece of chicken (yes, I kno all fathers/older brothers do this loool) so ladies, I say raise that spatula high with one hand and ur degree’s in the other and let it be known u have a voice that says more than “chicken or beef?”

…its Sweet….Bittersweet007…

Who are we, and what are we here for?

Well we havent really figured out the purpose of this blog, we kinda started it without explaining ourselves. I keep getting comments from people asking for a proper introduction, and I've put it off till now. So here goes, basically we are two somali sistah's hailing from toronto canada. Writing is a form of therapy for us we blog to release our built up tension or just vent when we want to vent. You know at times when you see a person walking so slow infront of you they don't give you the chance to move ahead of's frustrating isnt it, yea well this is where we go to discuss these "issues". We wanted to take part in this blog, write down our views for whatever it maybe and get other people's opinions on it as well. I'll try the best I can to introduce us properly.

Imaan49-that is I, I'm mostly on this only because my life is not as interesting as theirs, pathetic I know.

reality101-she goes through severe moodswings an is probably boycotting this blog as I type. she writes once in awhile and is also known as toronto's hearthrob.

so thats us, hope you all enjoy this blog an as I already mentioned in the disclaimer that the things we mention in these posts are just opinions and are not meant to offend anyone...take care for now


Ya Allah!

I think everyone goes through a point in their life where they just analyze every part of it..and think what the FACCK? its usually when shit happens…and you just ask yourself questions like..What are we living on this earth for? To worship allah right? So why is it so hard…there are so many trials and tribulations that we go through....Sometimes I think honestly that this is all some long dream about our lives and we’re going to wake up and be reunited with Allah…if only it was that easy…unfortunetly its not..and we have to work to go to heaven..Sometimes I wake up feeling so inadequate and im like…im not really certain about any other part of my life..but one thing I am certain about is Islam..i know it is the right path..I know that one day I want to be in heaven..i know that one day I want to be reunited with my dad..i know that one day I want to meet the Al-mighty creator..…that’s all I really want from this life..but its hard when u get side tracked by this life..and its complications…Its hard when you’re heartbroken and u hear some slow track and u feel like you could relate to it, instead of reading quran or making dua to Allah, Its hard when everyone around you is having fun and you’re not..because you’re tryna better yourself, its hard when we live in a country filled with fitna, to the point that some things are not even frowned upon anymore only because everyone is doing it…its hard not knowing when you’re going to die and it can happen any second..point blank: this life is hard! But I guess the only way we can get through it without going crazy is if we keep reminding ourselves that one day this will all be over, and if u were a good muslim on this earth you will be rewarded in the hereafter and you will be basking in allahs glory for all eternity. So either live it up in this world {on the edge cuz you never know when its going to end}…or live by the quran and sunnah and be patient. And you will be in heaven for the rest of your life…that’s what it really comes down to…

-May Allah Guide us on the Right Path-


I had a very enlightening discussion with a friend of mine recently which provoked some thought in my brain. That doesn’t happen too often so I felt the need to share it or for lack of better words express myself. “There are very few man left, so you got to keep what you have and if you don’t have one you better settle for less” is something similar to what my friend blabbered. I obviously can’t remember the exact wording of that because I clearly have a life but I think you get the point of what I’m saying. I actually don’t believe it’s come to the stage where a girl must grab and go. I mean it’s a long life commitment at the end of the day, not a pair of shoes you’re planning on buying. No refund no exchange. Besides if you think about it, even if the men are decreasing in size you still must fret because if your not wife number 1, just behave yourself and you could be wife number 2. Being wife number two also has its benefits, or so I’ve told myself. Having wife two status, means that wife 1 wasn’t cutting it, so he had to get himself another 1. What I also noticed is that divorced single mothers are very high in demand. Maybe that’s the route we should all be taking ladies, hook the bait, get pregnant and ditch him so you can find that price charming of yours. Let’s examine the benefits of this; she gets money from the government for that kid, she is probably now on welfare plus government house as well, and she isn’t really expecting much. What exactly does that translate to, it’s a free living expense.. GET ON IT… don’t settle for more settle for less ladies


Bollywood Fantasies

Well serendipity was on the other day, an I couldn’t help but torment my soul to watch it yet again. It makes me devastated when I watch these types of movies. Its my reason to shed just a few tears, but despite the pain it causes it is pretty tempting. These chick flicks do us females no good, it just makes you list all your insecurities in the back of your mind, an wonder “why don’t I have that Corey and Topanga type love?”. I don’t know the answer to that question, and of course movie writers knowing the majority of the audience are females purposely script the movie to make the guy get the girl. Can someone please script my story!!!, well the movie finally ended with them being together (obviously), an even after watching it SEVERAL times, I watch it as though I have never watched it before. Still shedding my tears as if the predictable story line is oblivious to me….


The Hollywood Life

It sucks to say that I do not have a life like the hills, and I’m glad because my typical day (if I were on a reality show) would involve most of my time doing nothing but a) in front of the computer, b) in front of the fridge, c) watching TV, and d) talking on the phone. That’s my Hollywood life people, nothing but penniless relaxation, I don’t get room service but if I yell loud enough I can get my youngest sister to bring my food to my room (bribes are included). I have an abundant supply of bananas, rice, hilib, an basto. I don’t strut around in fancy lounges; I strut around covered in jewels with the finest Diracs, in the finest halls in Toronto with nothing but the finest people. Yup that’s the life, the Somali life is the Hollywood life.

p.s gotta get some white fudge brownies for someone



I’ve been mia of late but I’m back. This isn’t going to be a very meaningful post because I don’t see meaning in a lot of things. Call me depressed, call me a pessimist but many things are really just pointless. I know this is a blog and I’m supposed to rant about some topic but right now I just want to vent. Human beings just suck; I hate everyone, and everything (except for some white fudge brownie). So anyone who brings me a white fudge brownie is good in my books…


Cycle of torture

School is finally done, and blissful times have finally come, and “life” aka stress is temporarily put on hold. Well a different kind of stress, you know the kind of stress where you basically try to kill urself for a good grade, an sacrifice sleep, hunger thirst for a future that may never make you rich. That stress is put on hold, an now the mutated version is soon arriving, you know the kind where you practically kill yourself, sacrifice sleep, hunger an thirst to make enough inorder to pay towards that “future” that may never make you rich to begin with. But whose complaining right, no matter what challenges come our way this cycle that we seem to go through is something that we crave for, ok maybe not everyone but I do. Even if money is not involved I can vouch for everyone (please agree with me on this) that the bragging rights to a degree is just as satisfying. Ok maybe not completely, I’m just tryna prove my theory here, an I decided since I haven’t posted anything in a while the time is now to share my theories with you.
I know I’m a nerd everything I talk about has to do with school an that sort, but whatever nerds are cool, an I shall end this by saying POWER TO THE NERDS

Respectively, (<--don’t know if that makes sense but it looks so professional)


lets rewind

You know, at times I feel like it was just yesterday I was in grade school, running away from dem boys before they gave me the coodies, or when candy was much more important than money. I remember running home from school just to catch an episode of the power rangers (yellow ranger was the best HANDS DOWN). Or the many times we dropped water balloons on the eighth floor of the 370 building in dixon, or when all the kids knew each other and our moms used to hang out at one persons house each night. I remember that steep road at the back of one building where we would dare each other to ride our bikes down an eventually it was just for fun. Another memory is when I would say every excuse in the book to my parents just so they can get me out of macalin samo’s duksi, or tryna sneak to the playground or the swimming pool before any somali lady see's me an threatens to tell my mother if she catches me going in the pool again…. We never argued back then about nothing, we usually picked on a kid every now an then, but it was all good, eventually we were all friends…..12 years later…tell me why is it that I’m soo obsessed in growing my hair as long as Nicole scherzingers, or why I panic when I miss an episode of the hills (not that I watch the hills but you get my point). Why is it one arguement grows into a grudge then gossip then hate an more hate. Or that I and the rest of us are juggling school, work, and just life in general….Man if only I can go back in time to those careless moments when everything was just stupid fun, so here is a clip of a precious memory I have of “back then”. I don’t care if you guys think its cheesy cuz I know DAMN WELL you all know the words to this song...

imaan49 signing off yet again

The Preachers Wife

To start off i'd like to announce that one of my good friends has tied the knot... YUP no more checking out other fellas it's a wrap..... She has entered the life of cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning no wait i think i just mentioned that. Honestly though that's pretty much what we do anyway so what the hell might as well keep doing it right. All jokes a side it was a wonderful day she was a blushing bride with her hair swept to the side. It almost brought tears to my eyes when he came down the aisle or should i say the runway( because Somalis as usual like to drown the groom and make him that much more nervous than he was) and took a glimpse of her.... utterly beautiful.. May God make it a blessed marriage and everything she wanted it to be and more...Okay although i try and write at least once a day I'll tell you right off the bat that that's not going to happen. I barely have enough me time and when i do i rather just cotch in my bed with a good book. Anywho let me start where i left off, i hate people who preach and don't follow. Simple example would be like when mothers say you talk on the phone to much... And clearly who talks more than a full blown Somali mother..NOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY... I mean yes we as Somali females are destined to become just like them but it's funny how oblivious they are of themselves. That was utterly just a random example however, because i barely actually talk on the phone unless I'm surfing the net or sadly at work. What about the mothers that take their children to dugsi and put a hijab on for their kids and they themselves don't do any of the above pretty hypocritical eh.... I kind of understand that the point is that they want their children to be better people then they are and my mom as well tries a few of those things herself but the best example is doing it yourself i believe. The point i'm making here is not really about mothers its about everything in general if you are going to tell someone about something make sure you don't do it yourself.....PEACE In YEMEN

signing off reality101

the ditzy an the is a genius the others insane

so here's the deal, they say sometimes in life you got to scam, lie, cheat to get on top, I say in life you got to kick upwards to make the ones above you fall down. Nevertheless I’m not gonna lie an say that the above sentence before the comma aint true, it is actually to some extent. At times you have to do something “negative” to find the answer, in this case that’s exactly what I did….I kinda peaked into someones blackbook (lets call him tom). I mean it was for scientific reasons I assure you all. We wanted to find the direct correlation between the mind of a male and his playa ways. Well to burst your bubbles we did not find the answer to that specific question but we did have a hell of a lot of fun reading the convo's he had with his chicks. I mean I did feel bad but that feeling didn’t really last that long. This “friend” was a well known character amongst the female population, and it was to my advantage to learn that he was a deceitful charmer, although his life belongs to him, I know secrets of men that I shall cherish with me till my dieing day. ( to know this secret email me at One thing that I noticed about these chicks are that they throw themselves on this particular guy, sure this dude is disgustingly handsome, sure his smile just makes you melt…but these chicks “suddenly” have the need to preach. I read in astonishment the trials and tribulations of women an the things they put up with. My friends and I laugh thinking what ditzy girls, you cant get him like that, o she’s doing it all wrong poor girl, it was clear they were “body throwers” ( a term used to define females that tend to throw themselves at male objects), an soon we realized we are all just like them. So there you have it world, women are just pathetic (including I).

...signing off imaan49


Today is Tuesday April 22 and a mighty beautiful day outside. The sun is shining bright and the breeze is refreshing. I haven't actually stepped outside as of yet and i clearly don't intend to until the sun disappears and is nowhere to be found. The sun is nice to look at from afar but when you're wearing black and you are covered from head to toe let's just say you prefer the indoors, air condition is also a plus. I mean i don't have to wear black but its my preference because its slimming duh... no i just like it because its convenient non flashy and well i can wear just about any color headscarf to match it.... Moving along i had a wonderful night last night, minus the fact i forget to say i love you to my significant other, or wait do i even have a significan other but besides that it was dandy. I was rudely awakened by my brat of a sister who needed to be fed which put an abrupt halt to my dream. I finally set a date for my wedding, its Jan 29 of 2010 and yes you are all invited everyone of you. Sad part is my partner in crime doesn't know about it.....On that note i just wanted to add .....One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don't practice what they preach, i know its kinda random but i shall elaborate a bit more with my next post... ta ta FOR NOW

and this is reality101 signing off


–noun: An agent used to neutralize or counteract the effects of a poison.

or our definition: A remedy to prevent the deterioration of braincells (this is just our definition, do not quote us on this!!)