In celebration of my 1000th (the time this is finished I'm pretty sure I will be well over 1000) tweet I dedicate this entry to twitter. I remember when my dearest friend ( well I hope she’s still my friend) tried to get me to jump on the bandwagon when twitter first came out. I was still weaning myself of facebook and knew that I wouldn't be able to maintain a real life alongside all these cyber lives. I wasn't won over by her explanation of what twitter was to be quite frank. To me it was a place where a bunch of birds were trying to morph into sheep. I avoided the temptation for a short while until my hands unconsciously typed in up the account was relatively easy and from that point on I became a fan of the site. It wasn't until I downloaded ubertwitter on my phone that my addiction formed. The ease in which I could easily tweet my thoughts appealed to me. " Right now I'm with idil", "pennies are useless and should seize to exist"... Those were my amature tweets... As time went on my tweeting skills improved “driving aimlessly with the hando @idiley". " Lsning to replay @seankingston literally on replay..". I've never been the entertaining type so my lack of followers is self explanatory. Well not really because I can think of many people who are not even remotely interesting but still have a herd of sheep following them...yes my hope in life is to be eligible to get a verified account.. Let's get down to the nitty gritty.. Anybody whose following me Is only doing so probably courtesy of my friends and follow fridays...(Does that really work, would you blindly follow someone because someone told you 2). A display pic one has often abides in getting ones attention... my display pic on the contrary probably instills confusion in the hearts of many.... It is definitely not aiding me in my attempts... My pic "is somewhere in the mix between a 13 year old boy who just hit puberty tryna be a thug and a girl who has an identity crises". I've attempted on working on my poses and even considered showing more skin. Maybe something along the lines of my hand and heyyy if we are being really provocative maybe an ankle.....I am pretty ashamed of my pose, because I'm pretty sure I've fallen victim to what @nileevans was warning people against in his blog. Lucky for you all though I'm not photogenic.... Sometimes I need to take a step back and analyze what is going on.. @souljaboytellem so how's your day.... Do you really think he cares,,,, but we still respond, secretly believing that this timeeee its going to be different)... I'm fine... And that's pretty much where the convo ends... ok I understand the point of twitter ,its a great place to network and get out your awkward thoughts without people judging you..(Ya right)... Yes people judge you, and not only people you know but random strangers are judging u too..You know that #twitterrunsyourlife if you are a twitter celeb but before twitter no one knew who you were..if you tweet your every thought even while you’re driving your car.. If you start thinking your cool enough to unfollow people, or you've reached your capacity of people you will follow… all that put aside... When I first got on twitter I was a celeb junky.. Until I realized how annoying some of them really are... Sometimes the less you know about the person the more you like em... I've lost respect for many of my fav celebs because of twitter.. there are a few who still keep it real, like @seankingston I mean he's pretty humble, and oddly enuff he takes some time to respond back to his followers.. The point is if you think a celeb is gonna be your friend cuz you follow him/her, it aint gonna happen.. He\she probably has enuff friends, and if you tryna be that quickie he\she hits up when they in your town, have a nice pic( possibly one that doesn't include your face, because that is not relevant for the cause) up and say as little as possible, they aint talkin to u for your smarts...twitter has become grounds for real life beef... did i just loose follower, wtf... That's it imma delete her arse off bbm as well, that trifling heffa, tryna send tweets to my man...(Actually he belongs to nobody, he doesn't even know who you are.. He just replied with an lol, that wasn’t he’s way of saying he loves you.. I’ve been fooled with that myself)... Then we got the follow hungry folk who join groups that will give you more follower..(Are u serious, that's just low)... I'd appreciate people who actually are actively reading my tweets cuz they find them amusing rather than people who tryna increase their numbers following me.. Lastly, for all the laylow creepers, who follow you but NEVER say anything to you.. Wat that's about, its kinda weird (I'm sorry don't unfollow me)loool.. Twitter is terrific, great waste of follow me..


Word babble

Word association makes life hard for me…..Whenever I think of certain words I always associate it with an object, but most often to a song. As i take a bite out of a gummy bear my mind remembers the gummy bear cartoon(which is something #igrewuopn) and I start to sing “gummi bears bouncing here and there and everywhere…..why buy a matters anywhere else”…. I’m not sure why I always end that song with the sleep country mattress song but it’s engraved in my head forever. The sad part is the conviction I sing the songs in, as if it’s not ridiculously bizarre of me to be conjoining two songs that have nothing to do with each other. The point is I’m sure I’m not the only person who has weird word association, but ever since I heard the song hot sauce by sweetrush… I cannot pick up a bottle of hot sauce and not say “I’m just like hot sauce, can you handle me”.. No matter where I am, or who is beside me, I always blurt out whatever tune is ringing in my head. This is a tad bit embarrassing I must admit for my friends that is, because I have no qualms in making a fool out of myself, its second nature. “Even though It’s too late, wanna say I’m sorry”(I sing, throwing up deuces in the air as I imitate the music video ) to those that have to suffer this period of utter nonsense of mine I know it can be annoying at times….Sometimes I’m not even sure if I’m singing the right words, but I think the melody is correct, or so I’ve convinced myself. I open the door to step outside my house and do a once over in the mirror “an say wassup”… Wait, I think I’m losing my sense of self, because with each song that sticks to my head, the less control I have of my own thoughts. GET OUT “right now it’s the end of you and me, it’s too late and I can’t wait for you to be gone”… I’d like a refund, can I get my brain back…….

A penny or many!!

If you get annoyed by humans and your best friend is a toy kittens, if you feel like you always get the short end of the stick in life, and if smiling is a chore….. Plz stay at home and cry yourself a river (or anywhere that is not close to my vicinity would do just fine). Is it just me or has good customer service become a foreign thing. Shopping isn’t an experience that I enjoy and I definitely don’t need anyone making it any more dreadful (unless I’m shopping online that is). “Don’t you have any bills” the cashier says (as she rolls her eyes with a handful of change in her hand). Sometimes I feel like they’re the ones doing me the favor for allowing me to shop at their store…. “Nope just 200 pennies so get to counting” … Seriously if I wanted to use a bill I would have, its dollarama for crying out loud, … What does it take to get some good ol fashioned customer service where the customer is always right, and possibly a smile at the end of the transaction? I know this aint MacDonald’s and smiles aint free, but give me a break and do your job. When else can I get rid of my pennies if not at a dollar store? (It’s a recession bloody hell, I’m broke ok) This happens in just about every store and especially if the teller is a female. I use to think they were all just pmsing but its happened way to many times for that to be a sound reason. “can I get this in a size 4”( more like a size 12, but for purposes of making myself feel better I’m a size 4” ….. “ya its over there on the shelf”…looool, Wait, I thought it was your job to fetch things, why are you directing me to a shelf that I don’t plan to walk over to. I mean I’ll gladly waltz over there if I’m getting some sort of good customer discount, or even a share of your paycheck. Why can’t you all just make my life and your life easier and recognize you’re actually at work, which probably means you’re going to have to do some “work”. Yes very bizarre I know but someone’s gotta do it.
What happened to cultural sensitivity these days? If you are working at a place that a certain culture is known to live, don’t be oblivious to the fact that they will be your most frequent customers….. Some people just say the darnest things I tell you. I’m very mellow in nature but if there is something that boils my blood it would have to be any sort of racial slur. The remarks are rarely intended to me, but I feel for whoever is being offended. This goes out to all my Asian, African, and South American friends and anyone else whose grasp of English is anything less than perfect (hmm I guess that would also include myself ). I’ve realized that having a battle of wit doesn’t work at all, it just makes you more upset and result to nothing. I was at the hospital the other night and because of swine flu they were not letting anyone in who was not either the parent or grandparents of the patient. The thing with the Somali culture is that as soon as they find out someone is sick they all flock to hospital to wish them well (off course with food that is, because food makes everything so much better)… This might seem odd to someone who is not use to this cultural behavior which was probably the case for the receptionist that had the ill pleasure of having to assist me.
One of the ladies was refused to see a patient and well…no never really means no (it means yes after being annoying enough). So she slyly tried to go unnoticed, but to no avail.. The reception blurts out hey lady with the red scarf….. HOLD UP, did I just hear that or was I drifting back off to la la land….. Calm down, no worries I tell myself ( yes I talk to myself, don’t pretend like you don’t)….As me and my sister wait in the lobby waiting for my niece the receptionist goes on mumbling nonsense to her co-workers..”It must be a full moon or something”..lool wtf, do we look like werewolf’s or something ( I haven’t shaved in the past week so maybe my hairiness justifies her remark)….Loosing my patience I walk over to the counter and question when we could go into see the kid, she replies “I think there is a new rule that won’t allow you to go in”.. no one is paying you to think lady…you either know or you don’t .. I hate getting the runaround, I am only allowed to give people the runaround, … How dare she try and use my own tricks on me. She directs me to a flyer with the rules that I should look over.. As I skim over the paper I get more furious as to the paper has nothing to do with what I’m inquiring about (rather refreshing read though, I learned a few new things about H1n1). In fact it goes against what she is telling me. I walk over and calmly tell her that the paper states nothing that is relevant to what I’m asking, and she replies I know… SO EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME.. if I wanted to read id go to the library….loool seriously.. In any case I had enough ammunition to take this to someone a bit higher up.. The key is never to complain to a manger, because the likely hood of the person you’re complaining about and the manger being friends are high…. You have to go one up…. And never complain about the rules… There is no point arguing about not being able to enter the hospital because underneath all that rubbish that was coming out of her mouth there probably is some truth… You argue everything except that…. Your argument should be fueled by the manner in which you were spoken to and in particular the verbiage. Can you imagine someone saying “hey you with the turban”….That would not fly.. so why would “hey you with the scarf”…Why am I getting worked up about something that didn’t happen to me…. Simple, because that could have been my mother, my aunt, or even my cousin.. Not knowing the language, or being culturally different does not warrant being treated unjustly.. Wow was that a sob story or wat.. fml………………….
The moral of the story is……………Always pay in pennies and try and get all receptionist fired because if they haven’t already slipped up, we can get em before they do…


Can’t live with it , and most certainly cannot live without it.... His name is Redskin, no he's not native american if you wondering(holding my hands behind my back, swaying oh so gently back and forth while i kick sand) Yes he makes me feel connected, always and forever...We have this love hate relationship you see, come to think of it it’s really hard to explain. Before I actually met him, people would rant and rave about him. You see when i first met Redskin, it was solely because my friends told me he was great, so i thought what the hell, i will give him a test run.. I'm not a sucker to peer pressure I’m an individual i follow no one (except about 47 on twitter, a few who refuse to follow me back...tear drops). In any case when we first met it was love at first sight. Anywhere I went Redskin was not far away. But as time went on I started to realize a dependency I was forming on Redskin.. In the morning when I woke, in the washroom while I did a number 2 (come on don’t pretend like you don’t take your phone with you) while reading people’s recent tweets, and even beside me as I go to sleep…… I started to notice that I was losing my real life, and replacing it with a Redskin life. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate all the luxuries that come with you Redskin, but I I think that you’re a bit too intrusive.. I miss being alone, and unreachable at times….. This constant I know what you did …the last two minutes isn’t going to work anymore.

Ok on a more serious note though. What is up with blackberry messenger? The new update makes life a living hell.. Have you ever tried deleting someone, it’s a pain in the arse i tell you. You don’t get removed off their list instead, you stay on their list, and if they try msging u they get an option to revinvite you. Dont renivite me,,, I just deleted you, have some pride and move on. Say goodbye to slick getaway deletes, where you think the person wouldn’t notice your absence. More importantly for those who don’t have a berry this might sound like a bunch of gibberish but I have to get this out there. With the blackberry message, unlike msn, when you send a msg, the person will know when you read the msg… you can Forget about ignoring the person…………“why you reading my msgs and not responding, I dun know you already read my shit…. “ Im sure we are all tired of hearing that… JUST LEAVE ME ALONE….. I HATE YOU REDSKIN,,,,BUT OH HOW I LOVE YOU..

happens everytime

You sneak away to a quiet corner in the house, eager to indulge in that delicious chocolaty goodness. A few seconds to yourself you take to make sure no one is near you, your chocolate, and the location you choose to do the crime. Coast is clear, no one is near your radar so you go for it and unwrap the wrapper as carefully as you can… BAM!!! At that exact moment the devil herself, disguised as my sister comes down for whatever reason it may be. Sometimes its as if she has a radar for these types of things, they always just “suddenly” happen. Its either that or she has people working for her, but either way I can never figure out how she does it. The hard part of it all is that she always finds out. I mean who wouldn’t right….after all the shuffling around I do just trying to hide the evidence looks very suspicious…and yes i did share the chocolate with her. She ended up with the bigger piece (surprise surprise).

Moral of the story: if you do not have enough to share, or let me rephrase that. If you do not plan on sharing, just don't bring it into the house

yours truly


I need a job

Maybe my resume just sucks, but whatever it may be I've been secretly wishing that out of the thousands of unemployed torontonians I wouldnt be one of them. I got only about a week before school placement officially ends to know If I am part of that statistic. In the meantime I've been trying new tactics that may help me get a job. Fixing my resume isnt one of them because honestly speaking, resume's are just a bunch of lies, no one in there right mind would read a stack of resumes, everything is out of luck. My approach (at times) is trying to woo my employers, show them what it is I have to offer, I think I'm insanely funny (i really do) and maybe I get my jobs through my personality....or I'm just pretty good at sucking up. Its do or die, jobs people never glanced towards are now suddenly full. I used to be really picky at jobs but I'm giving it two more weeks, if I'm still unsuccessful with my search its off to tim hortons....I trust my coffee shops to never go out of business on me.


Damn you Change!!

I've always was an enemy of change we don't get along, and up until now we still dont see eye to eye. Alot of the times change secretly creeps up on me when I least suspect it, i'm never ready for it even after knowing his evil schemes. I feel like everything was "so yesterday", and it was just yesterday when so and so used to come by every week, and just yesterday when i would babysit my baby cousin...I wish he were still a baby.... and just yesterday i was in saudi planning for my brothers wedding. I'm wishing it were yesterday, because yesterday and the yesterdays before i actually remember the good times, less worries and stress and NO MONEY ISSUES!!. This is a message for change, if your behind me, please let me know so this time I can mentally prepare myself for whats to come.


niqaabi killer on the loose

Rumor has it that a niqaabi serial killer is on the loose, or was she just robbing houses? Well the point is she's armed an dangerous.... and where did I hear this story from...the toronto star?...nope....ummm CNN you say....nope....THE SOMALI COMMUNITY DUHHH!!!. Where else will you hear such bizzare stories that has probably been exaggerated each time the rumor was spread. I've been told not to open doors for niqaabis, ESPECIALLY when they ask to come in to make wudhoo. LOOOOOOOOOOL, isnt that just the most ridonculous thing you've ever heard. A random niqaabi is stranded infront of housing complexes, busy fixing her niqab maybe, an well what do you know, its prayer time, she knocks on your door asking to make lets just say the result is very fatal.

so watch out my fellow torontonians


Why is goku white?

I don't mean to be a prick an complain like half of anime fans, but i am so disappointed. I wouldve wrote about this sooner but my laziness got the best of me. So here's the deal, i dont get why they cast a white male in dragon ball evolution. I understand that goku was from another planet an that he may have never been japanese to begin with, but he cant be white either. Goku is supposed to be the worlds greatest saiyyan, but according to the movie his fighting skills are wack, heck the asian females fight better than he does. Goku wasnt known only for his kamayha mayha, he was known for his fighting skills as well. AND his hair is supposed to be spiky and black, and as a saiyyan its supposed to be blonde. I see asian super saiyyans on the bus that wouldve been sooo much better to play in that movie than that white guy. ARRGHHH, i know for sure that if they had a japanese cast they wouldve still made it to hollywood so their excuse about "marketing" is just a bunch of b.s to me. Well anyways i put a whole cast of asian actors together but this is the goku that i always had in mind
Takeshi Kaneshiro-house of flying daggers.

irritated imaan49

defining weird

All my life I guess i've been trying to define words like weird, strange an odd, an through the years its safe to say i grew more confused about the definitions. We live in a world where we just want to fit in an feel wanted but their comes a point in life where you go through that "whatever" phase. Its that phase where youre completely careless about everything. well not everything but i mean the only time when you want to do something is if its gonna give you an adrenaline rush. Things like chilling an going to the movies have no specific value, you just do it for the sake of doing it, but if it were your choice you'd rather be at home doing absolutely nothing. A homebody is what you call it, unfortunately thats what i am,maybe to a much more xtreme definition. I love being a homebody, its one of life's natural highs. Staying at home is not the only thing but the carelessness has to do with many things. Like shopping for example, in theory i should love shopping an clothes an shoes, i mean its cool i'd love to own a bunch of things, maybe im just being apathetic. I hate walking around in malls, and if it were upto me i'd go to the nearest store, buy whatever looks remotely similar to what i planned on getting an leave. Shows that most girls watch like the infamous "hills" or any other reality show out there, are shows that i just dislike. Now is that weird, does it make me less of a girl that i'd much rather buy food with my money than a purse. Is it weird that i don't know how to put on eyeliner, would that be considered as "a disgrace to females of the world". Is it really that bad being a homebody instead of taking advantage of my youth an doing "normal" things like go bowling. Or should i just embrace this laziness an not give a care about the things that are driving most people to the brink of insanity. If being weird really is that bad than i'd hate to be in that category, an if what i do happens to belong to that category then i guess i should be offended...but the best part about being in the "whatever" phase in life, is you just don't give a care about unnecessary things.

being weird



A close friend of mine once said to me, "because we are the sons an daughters of adam and eve, we are prone to make mistakes..." Doing something wrong can be kinda tricky an the worst part is if its your fault. Well i've made many mistakes but this one i made recently is kind of haunting me. I'll share the story with you may be funny, like pee in your pants funny but very humiliating to the person it happened goes

Every thursday an friday I work at the hospital, I mostly do personal care for the patients, giving injections regular nurse stuff. It was friday an my day to take my patient to the shower, lets call him Chan. Chan is my japanese patient, he suffered from a stroke an couldnt do anything when he first came to the hospital, but his recovery was so fast Mashallah that he never really needs me for anything, he goes on about his business an tends to himself. I got bored, I mean i was thrilled I didnt have to do anything for awhile but a wandering nurse is not a good look so what does imaan try to do, she decides to help her friend with her patient. My friend needed alot of help, her patient was totally dependant an happened to be muslim so I thought perfect I could totally relate to her. Unfortunately she did not speak a word of english, she was indian an sadly enough my years watching bollywood did me no justice. But what the hey, I helped my friend take her to the shower so she could get clean, we cleaned her up an put a robe on for her. The hospital policy is that no patient should go in the shower room or out with clothes on, they should be naked wearing a hospital gown (the kind where your behind is exposed). While wheeling her out the gown got caught under the wheel an I didn't notice, I kept wheeling her an realized the wheelchair wouldnt move anymore an she suddenly started screaming....You all guessed it, the gown rolled off her an she was completely exposed , an i was fumbling with the gown for a hot minute to cover her again so picture a whole minute with me on the ground an a screaming naked lady....

anyways that was that, the lady hates me now an doesnt even look at me, I don't blame her. An i've tried to apologize to her but she doesnt talk, so this is my way to redeem myself

I'm truly sorry


Hijabi's just want to have fun

I find it very humorous that a bunch of sisters that wear a hijab are labeled as hijabi’s. I mean its nothing to be offended about but its like were a bunch of aliens where were being asked a serious of questions that mostly sound like “what do hijabi’s do for fun” paraphrased into one hundred and one different versions. Well we got the answer for you, because I’m sure you all are just dieing to know…well we basically do…NOTHING!!!!

Pretty exciting huh, I think you guys must’ve figured out by now that asking a Somalian parent to go outside is like a mission on its own. Unless you’re going to school, a conference or the doctor’s office being treated for a deadly disease your ass is at home washing dishes. If there aren’t any dishes, hoyo/umi/mummy dear will make sure you have something to scrub. Unless you make the house so clean that you don’t need febreze to make it smell good, you just won a day pass to roam around Toronto. But what good is that day pass when your other unfortunate sisters are still stuck at home, that pass automatically becomes null and void. If your life doesn’t sound like this then you are a very fortunate person. If we “hijabi’s” do go out then its to each others houses where we help each other do the dishes and vacuum floors (sorry for breaking the vacuum reality) this is the most fun we can get only because hoyo is most likely at a wedding or getting ready to go to a wedding. We call the hijabi’s of the neighborhood and discuss our issues, and use that time to make a halal jam and wear our best clothes. There’s no way to escape either because my mother will most likely know the mother of the hijabi that lives across the street. if we do escape we make sure at least one hijabi stays home (that’s the hijabi that answers the phone calls of our mothers claiming were in the bathroom) and we rotate positions. We use this time to go bowling, but do you think were having fun…..NOPE!!! We spend that “free” time that we have looking at the time, an rejecting the phone calls from “home sweet home”…..

Ahhh such is the life of a hijabi…and I don’t regret it for the world. Atleast its halal!!!


the hijabi's of the world....and imaan49 of course who the hell can forget me :)


I'm not really sure if this happens to any one of you normal people out there, but at times I feel that I suffer from paranoia. Everytime I google up a disease randomly (for educational purposes of course) the symptoms seem to always relate back to me. Like ADD for example, I think I spent two years of my life believing I had that disorder, and insomnia, I still insist I have insomnia no matter what any one tells me. Sometimes when my family and I move to a new house, I make sure my room is away from the stairs just incase a bunch of robbers decide to attack my poor family, I make sure I'm not the first to die. Once I hear the screams of my innocent siblings it'll give me a chance to escape along with my other family members that are closest to my room. Sadly I always seem to sacrifice my brother first.....

In class I make sure to always sit in the middle close to the window, but never in the front or the back. Just incase a serial killer on the run decides to enter the classroom, I wouldnt be an easy target.....I can name more but to maintain my reputation as a sane person I say no more

thinking weird....imaan49


I’ve become the definition of a bum. That’s right I confess I add nothing productive to this society. I’m not sure when exactly it became so but the realization of it hit me suddenly. I’m unemployed……I’m out of school….. And with all the time I have I do nothing productive. The thing is it’s not only me that’s in this predicament and that’s what makes things so much worse. Now that we have so many bums all the bums want to gather around and waste their time together. The thing you got to understand is that being a hijabi makes it very difficult to make use of the pretty clothes you’ve acquired over the past few years. They often just rot away in your closet and soon become too small for you because your waist size isn’t exactly as small as it use to be. So what happens to go around this problem is that people throw house parties, all girls’ house parties just in case you’re wondering. This gives everyone an opportunity to bring out that top that they’ve been dying to wear and dust off their pumps. All the girls gather around have a good time and then return to wherever it was they came from. In theory that’s a good idea, but the problem lies when everyone has free time and throws a party. So because you yourself have nothing better to do your probably going to end up going to each and every one, and then you start realizing that you’ve been to 3 different parties in one week and your running out of clothes to wear. You know you’re a bum when you know the party your headed to is going to be horrid because you’re not friends with anyone that is going but STILL YOU GO….loool now that’s just pathetic. Yes I’m at an all time low right now…..
Along with this sudden burst of events to attend my internal clock has gone haywire. I sleep until 1 and I’m awake until 4am… That’s odd because at one point in time I would get grouchy after 11 but now that’s prime time for me….lol.. The only thing that has me questioning my new owl like behavior is my mother…. I’m in this peaceful sleep, because I probably just got into deep sleep not long ago, and at exactly 12:30 she begins to holler… NAYAAAAAA Saadaan ba hoordia.. I mean I don’t get a pat on the head, honey you should probably get up you’ve slept the night away. You know, like it happens on TV when Michelle tanner is sleeping and her daddy gently wakes her up….That never happens in real life… instead she goes on telling me what a waste I’ve become and how I need to do something with myself…. Tomorrow I will wake up bright and early I tell myself until….. Tomorrow actually comes and then I decide maybe I’ll just listen for her footsteps. looool the problem for listening for her footsteps is that they are very light and she does it on purpose… I mean my mother isn’t one of those desperate housewives ladies.. She’s got some meat on her which logically means she should be making noise as she comes up the steps.. Nope.. It’s as if she’s as light as a feather… creeps up the stairs and before you know it she’s in my room yelling at me for being such a LOSER….She reminds me of crouching tiger hidden dragon. looooool…. I need a Life ASAP… anyone willing to lend me one……

Yours truly


Have you ever been stuck in an awkward position before?. Like when you go to an empty toilet, decided you're gonna take a shit and when you come out you find someone you know washing their hands giving you that face of disgust. Well the awkward I'm talking about is nothing like that. You see a guy calls you every day, or almost every day what do you assume. You can assume that he thinks your half cool right.I don't know about you but let's say it's a very confusing place to be. Boundaries start getting crossed, and then you start questioning yourself , What the friggggg are we. We are just friends i remind myself, just friends. But what do you do when he says something so annoying and you can't say anything back because you have no reason to be catty, remember we are just friends. Slowly you guys start arguing like a couple, talking like a couple. No one wants to have to be in that sort of situation. For future reference you already have enough friends don't make things any more awkward. The truth it's hard not to catch feelings for someone you talk to all the time.If it's nothing more than just a friendship is it fair to want out.It's like the most ideal position for a guy, no commitment.Save myself the trip of emotions and remind me that this route is one i'll avoid in the future.....

Now accepting applications for more than just a friend