A close friend of mine once said to me, "because we are the sons an daughters of adam and eve, we are prone to make mistakes..." Doing something wrong can be kinda tricky an the worst part is if its your fault. Well i've made many mistakes but this one i made recently is kind of haunting me. I'll share the story with you all....it may be funny, like pee in your pants funny but very humiliating to the person it happened to.....here goes

Every thursday an friday I work at the hospital, I mostly do personal care for the patients, giving injections regular nurse stuff. It was friday an my day to take my patient to the shower, lets call him Chan. Chan is my japanese patient, he suffered from a stroke an couldnt do anything when he first came to the hospital, but his recovery was so fast Mashallah that he never really needs me for anything, he goes on about his business an tends to himself. I got bored, I mean i was thrilled I didnt have to do anything for awhile but a wandering nurse is not a good look so what does imaan try to do, she decides to help her friend with her patient. My friend needed alot of help, her patient was totally dependant an happened to be muslim so I thought perfect I could totally relate to her. Unfortunately she did not speak a word of english, she was indian an sadly enough my years watching bollywood did me no justice. But what the hey, I helped my friend take her to the shower so she could get clean, we cleaned her up an put a robe on for her. The hospital policy is that no patient should go in the shower room or out with clothes on, they should be naked wearing a hospital gown (the kind where your behind is exposed). While wheeling her out the gown got caught under the wheel an I didn't notice, I kept wheeling her an realized the wheelchair wouldnt move anymore an she suddenly started screaming....You all guessed it, the gown rolled off her an she was completely exposed , an i was fumbling with the gown for a hot minute to cover her again so picture a whole minute with me on the ground an a screaming naked lady....

anyways that was that, the lady hates me now an doesnt even look at me, I don't blame her. An i've tried to apologize to her but she doesnt talk, so this is my way to redeem myself

I'm truly sorry