need me an adventure

Asalaamu alaikum errr one

Ok so alot of people have asked me about the journey through the 10 days and why I havent finished documenting the rest of the days. Alhamdulilah we prayed all the days but because of a death in the family I temporarily lost interest in blogging about it. Those last few days are a bit personal so I'll keep it as that.

so back to my I want to go paragliding and ziplining, an sky diving an all that fun stuff, but a) I can never find a group of people brave enough to go adventure seeking with me, and b) everything costs a hell of alot of money. Why does it have to cost money to jump, off a plane, jumping is free, why can't I just rent the equipment and be on my way. I'm sure I can find some online tutorials of how to bend my legs while I'm in the air. I want to go to china an be dared to eat fried bugs and worms and throw up and laugh about it later on. Or go to a rainforest and....i dont know what I would do there but it seems interesting. Or go to an african village an just dance with the tribal leaders an paint my face like a tribal warrior. I have dreams of throwing my self off a mountain and diving into a waterfall which also happens to be on my bucketlist, I feel that I have no time to do it all while I'm still young. For a 23 year old with excrutiating random back pains my time is ticking.....HELPPPP MEEEEE!!!!!

Journey with us through the last ten days

Day 6-Tariq x2

I know we already went to Tariq but we wanted to repeat it again. One thing I'd like to say is that its not easy for someone to pick up a load of girls that are scattered across toronto, for the sake of performing Tahajjud at a masjid. May Allah (swt) reward my dear friend Hiba who took the responsibility upon herself (Ameen). I'd also like to mention that since Ramadan is coming to an end, I pray that the rest of the year feels exactly like this ramadan. InshAllah we have gained enough strength from this month to be protected against the shaytan once theyve been unchained. Tomorrow will be an odd day so we should take the time to make dua for those that are in a struggle. When we are consumed in the prayer of others, the angels make duaa for us, so inshAllah we should take advantage of that.

Journey with us through the last ten days

Day 5-Darul Hijrah

So again we didnt go to the masjid we had planned on going, this seems to be a routine lol, but it wasn't written for us to go. It was meant for us to make Darul hijrah number 5 and of course we embraced it. The reciter had an amazing voice MashAllah, however we were all disappointed he went really fast. I felt rushed, but khayr, we used the rest of the time to sit in our corners making duaa, and went to the car an played a recording of a duaa (Hiba's girl). So far the experience is great, it set a trigger on me an on all of us. We seem different, closer, our bond seems stronger then before. Unfortunately no pics again and with very good reason. The place looks like a warehouse, an I'd rather you all imagine how it looked like anyways....InshAllah if god wills Abu Hurairah will be the next masjid.....INSHALLAH!!!

Journey with us through the last ten days

Day 4- IMO/Malton Masjid

Day 4 only included Hiba, my sister and I, so we decided to make the most of it and head to Malton Masjid on Dairy rd. After recieving so much positive feedback regarding this masjid, we were only too excited to check it out. Pulling up infront of the masjid we were in awe, and my reflex reaction pulled out the camera and....NO FLASH!!. We could not get a decent picture, considering it was too dark, and unusually empty. The parking lot had only one car, and we were all confuzzled about it. Like in all scary movies we got out of the car one by one an decided to check it out. We watched in horror a small group of men getting ready to pray....we turn our heads around WHERE ARE THE WOMEN!?!?!. The masjid was completely empty, and only about 5 brothers (May their prayers be answered ameen) were in it. We were too shy an nervous to pray behind them, so we left in disappointment to the nearest masjid which happened to be IMO. It was not on the list but alhamdulilah it was still great. The experience is still the same in my eyes. We all make the same duas, and we all wish for the same things. This experience is not just about "masjid hopping" but about loving all masjids equally. They all have the same concept, and it is a place of worship. These buildings welcome all walks of life, and it is something to appreciate. May Allah (swt) reward those who run these masjids for us to pray in, and may they be amongst those who are under his shade on that day AMEEN.

Journey with us through the last ten days

Day 3-Isna Allahuma innaka afuwan, tuhibul afwa, fa'fu anee!!!

Isna is such a beautiful masjid mashAllah, I had moments where I wanted to say forget this 10 day nonsense I want to come back here. The recitor's voice was beyond amazing mashAllah, there was just something about this day that was so perfect..perhaps it was Laylatul Qadr....or not, but regardless InshAllah all my prayers are accepted. I have nothing more to say, but let the pictures speak for itself.

Isna was our top 5 masjids, but I regret not making it the last masjid to pray in. There are some masjids we would like to repeat, isna an ar rowda made the far that is

This is the wudhoo area, how gorgeous is this

This shot was the hardest to take, only because the males were still in the mussala area, and they assumed we were being so bold as to take pics of our potentials husbands LOOL....we only wanted this shot I SWEAR IT

I thank my sister for this shot, once you enter a masjid you need a brave person to take the shots, because noone wants to look like the crazy tourist eheheh

As you may have noticed no tim horton pics, my cam died an I'm too lazy to charge it. We had donuts, cheese croissants milkshakes, ice caps, tea and a peach fizzy drink....HMMMMHMMHMM you can just imagine it until I put up the pics of that

Journey with us through the last 10 days

Day 2- Tariq Masjid

We ran through some techinical difficulties today, ok maybe not some, infact we missed all of Tahajjud salaah because someone fell asleep on the couch (I'm not pointing fingers...HIBA !). However we still wanted to continue an atleast make it for fajr salaah. We got drunk on caffeine an headed towards the beautiful Tariq Masjid.

We got some cool shots while noone was looking, an the few that did see us thought we were tourists hehehe if only they knew...

Waiting for fajr salaah.....yawn!!

My all time favorite shot......dont we look sooo peaceful!!!

Tim never disappoints, this brother has potential!!