defining weird

All my life I guess i've been trying to define words like weird, strange an odd, an through the years its safe to say i grew more confused about the definitions. We live in a world where we just want to fit in an feel wanted but their comes a point in life where you go through that "whatever" phase. Its that phase where youre completely careless about everything. well not everything but i mean the only time when you want to do something is if its gonna give you an adrenaline rush. Things like chilling an going to the movies have no specific value, you just do it for the sake of doing it, but if it were your choice you'd rather be at home doing absolutely nothing. A homebody is what you call it, unfortunately thats what i am,maybe to a much more xtreme definition. I love being a homebody, its one of life's natural highs. Staying at home is not the only thing but the carelessness has to do with many things. Like shopping for example, in theory i should love shopping an clothes an shoes, i mean its cool i'd love to own a bunch of things, maybe im just being apathetic. I hate walking around in malls, and if it were upto me i'd go to the nearest store, buy whatever looks remotely similar to what i planned on getting an leave. Shows that most girls watch like the infamous "hills" or any other reality show out there, are shows that i just dislike. Now is that weird, does it make me less of a girl that i'd much rather buy food with my money than a purse. Is it weird that i don't know how to put on eyeliner, would that be considered as "a disgrace to females of the world". Is it really that bad being a homebody instead of taking advantage of my youth an doing "normal" things like go bowling. Or should i just embrace this laziness an not give a care about the things that are driving most people to the brink of insanity. If being weird really is that bad than i'd hate to be in that category, an if what i do happens to belong to that category then i guess i should be offended...but the best part about being in the "whatever" phase in life, is you just don't give a care about unnecessary things.

being weird