So serene....

You know you're in trouble when your jokes contains nothing but bio language, and you understand everything Dr House says on tv. I think i'm beginning to live breathe an eat nursing LITERALLY!!. And what hurts the most is coming out of an exam dried eyed from having to use your tears as ink and your fellow peers come out all giddy exclaiming the exam was so easy. O yes and Why is it that every eid has to fall on an exam day, I don't get the logic behind it. I feel as though there is some sort of conspiracy and they know when eid will be. And how come York University has a holiday every other week, and at my school we don't even get a reading week. As you can see school is taking over my life, its like a hills episode, but without the glamour and money. Books are even more expensive and even vending machines have tax.
*sight* such is the life of school

o and by the way, Happy late eid to everyone, I know its very late but i was busy fighting with my immune system not to break down on me. :)


Mina said...

Its alright sweetheart...I went through that a few years ago too:)

We can all take advantage from studying medicine:) --- Some might not get us but hey who cares anyways:P Right!!!
I know what you mean about Eid and it falling into school days:( Sucks --- The worst one I ever had was when we had presentations to do on Eid day and we couldnt miss it, it bloody counted for 60% of our final grade...The hills rock hehe Love that show

Anyways hang in there study hard and you'll see the rewards:)

Mina said...

*Oh Happy bleated eid:)
Love Mina xXx

The antidote said...

lool yea exactly who cares. Couldnt you have asked the teacher to postpone it due to a "religious holiday"

Mina said...

Lol i wish --- she was a right moody cow:P

Amal said...

oH MY GOSH ! love the new lay out I have not been on here for a while , I have a new blog .
yes I used to feel teh same way with regards to eid , why every exam ? I noticed that as well .
You go to York uni ? oh i had a friend who went their .
Anyways best of luck .

The antidote said...

mina: for a moment i was like, this girl sounds like she is from the uk, i totally forgot about that

amal: dude you tell me you have a new blog an you dont tell me...soooo what is it

Anonymous said...

Hey..York U a vacation? I dont think so. What... you call Jewish holidays a break? We all end up getting the same thing exams on Eid. No diff. Anyways this year Eid shouldnt land on Exams hopefully