Mic Check

So here's the deal, I was looking for some Amir Sulayman poetry and theirs quite a few I had in mind to post, with the assumption that you all are poetry freaks like me. However I think I found something I decided to share for the time being. It pretty much illustrates the type of discrimination my family and I faced on our way back from saudi at the london airport, and yes it still does exist. It's called a random check and we had to lets just say let go of alot of "potentially dangerous items" in our luggage, one being our zamzam water (the sacred well/water located near the KaĘżba at Mecca). I assume they believed zamzam water to be hazardous and life threatening, hence we had to watch it being discarded infront of our eyes. Mind you all that we've actually brought zamzam water to canada before, but that day it was described to be a lethal substance but kheyr....o yes, this poets name is suheir hammad, she's a regular on def poetry jam, but this is one of my all time faves. Note her grand departure upon the completion of the poem...wicked eh (<--written for stereotypical purposes only)


So serene....

You know you're in trouble when your jokes contains nothing but bio language, and you understand everything Dr House says on tv. I think i'm beginning to live breathe an eat nursing LITERALLY!!. And what hurts the most is coming out of an exam dried eyed from having to use your tears as ink and your fellow peers come out all giddy exclaiming the exam was so easy. O yes and Why is it that every eid has to fall on an exam day, I don't get the logic behind it. I feel as though there is some sort of conspiracy and they know when eid will be. And how come York University has a holiday every other week, and at my school we don't even get a reading week. As you can see school is taking over my life, its like a hills episode, but without the glamour and money. Books are even more expensive and even vending machines have tax.
*sight* such is the life of school

o and by the way, Happy late eid to everyone, I know its very late but i was busy fighting with my immune system not to break down on me. :)