Hijabi's just want to have fun

I find it very humorous that a bunch of sisters that wear a hijab are labeled as hijabi’s. I mean its nothing to be offended about but its like were a bunch of aliens where were being asked a serious of questions that mostly sound like “what do hijabi’s do for fun” paraphrased into one hundred and one different versions. Well we got the answer for you, because I’m sure you all are just dieing to know…well we basically do…NOTHING!!!!

Pretty exciting huh, I think you guys must’ve figured out by now that asking a Somalian parent to go outside is like a mission on its own. Unless you’re going to school, a conference or the doctor’s office being treated for a deadly disease your ass is at home washing dishes. If there aren’t any dishes, hoyo/umi/mummy dear will make sure you have something to scrub. Unless you make the house so clean that you don’t need febreze to make it smell good, you just won a day pass to roam around Toronto. But what good is that day pass when your other unfortunate sisters are still stuck at home, that pass automatically becomes null and void. If your life doesn’t sound like this then you are a very fortunate person. If we “hijabi’s” do go out then its to each others houses where we help each other do the dishes and vacuum floors (sorry for breaking the vacuum reality) this is the most fun we can get only because hoyo is most likely at a wedding or getting ready to go to a wedding. We call the hijabi’s of the neighborhood and discuss our issues, and use that time to make a halal jam and wear our best clothes. There’s no way to escape either because my mother will most likely know the mother of the hijabi that lives across the street. if we do escape we make sure at least one hijabi stays home (that’s the hijabi that answers the phone calls of our mothers claiming were in the bathroom) and we rotate positions. We use this time to go bowling, but do you think were having fun…..NOPE!!! We spend that “free” time that we have looking at the time, an rejecting the phone calls from “home sweet home”…..

Ahhh such is the life of a hijabi…and I don’t regret it for the world. Atleast its halal!!!


the hijabi's of the world....and imaan49 of course who the hell can forget me :)


I'm not really sure if this happens to any one of you normal people out there, but at times I feel that I suffer from paranoia. Everytime I google up a disease randomly (for educational purposes of course) the symptoms seem to always relate back to me. Like ADD for example, I think I spent two years of my life believing I had that disorder, and insomnia, I still insist I have insomnia no matter what any one tells me. Sometimes when my family and I move to a new house, I make sure my room is away from the stairs just incase a bunch of robbers decide to attack my poor family, I make sure I'm not the first to die. Once I hear the screams of my innocent siblings it'll give me a chance to escape along with my other family members that are closest to my room. Sadly I always seem to sacrifice my brother first.....

In class I make sure to always sit in the middle close to the window, but never in the front or the back. Just incase a serial killer on the run decides to enter the classroom, I wouldnt be an easy target.....I can name more but to maintain my reputation as a sane person I say no more

thinking weird....imaan49


I’ve become the definition of a bum. That’s right I confess I add nothing productive to this society. I’m not sure when exactly it became so but the realization of it hit me suddenly. I’m unemployed……I’m out of school….. And with all the time I have I do nothing productive. The thing is it’s not only me that’s in this predicament and that’s what makes things so much worse. Now that we have so many bums all the bums want to gather around and waste their time together. The thing you got to understand is that being a hijabi makes it very difficult to make use of the pretty clothes you’ve acquired over the past few years. They often just rot away in your closet and soon become too small for you because your waist size isn’t exactly as small as it use to be. So what happens to go around this problem is that people throw house parties, all girls’ house parties just in case you’re wondering. This gives everyone an opportunity to bring out that top that they’ve been dying to wear and dust off their pumps. All the girls gather around have a good time and then return to wherever it was they came from. In theory that’s a good idea, but the problem lies when everyone has free time and throws a party. So because you yourself have nothing better to do your probably going to end up going to each and every one, and then you start realizing that you’ve been to 3 different parties in one week and your running out of clothes to wear. You know you’re a bum when you know the party your headed to is going to be horrid because you’re not friends with anyone that is going but STILL YOU GO….loool now that’s just pathetic. Yes I’m at an all time low right now…..
Along with this sudden burst of events to attend my internal clock has gone haywire. I sleep until 1 and I’m awake until 4am… That’s odd because at one point in time I would get grouchy after 11 but now that’s prime time for me….lol.. The only thing that has me questioning my new owl like behavior is my mother…. I’m in this peaceful sleep, because I probably just got into deep sleep not long ago, and at exactly 12:30 she begins to holler… NAYAAAAAA Saadaan ba hoordia.. I mean I don’t get a pat on the head, honey you should probably get up you’ve slept the night away. You know, like it happens on TV when Michelle tanner is sleeping and her daddy gently wakes her up….That never happens in real life… instead she goes on telling me what a waste I’ve become and how I need to do something with myself…. Tomorrow I will wake up bright and early I tell myself until….. Tomorrow actually comes and then I decide maybe I’ll just listen for her footsteps. looool the problem for listening for her footsteps is that they are very light and she does it on purpose… I mean my mother isn’t one of those desperate housewives ladies.. She’s got some meat on her which logically means she should be making noise as she comes up the steps.. Nope.. It’s as if she’s as light as a feather… creeps up the stairs and before you know it she’s in my room yelling at me for being such a LOSER….She reminds me of crouching tiger hidden dragon. looooool…. I need a Life ASAP… anyone willing to lend me one……

Yours truly


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