the ditzy an the is a genius the others insane

so here's the deal, they say sometimes in life you got to scam, lie, cheat to get on top, I say in life you got to kick upwards to make the ones above you fall down. Nevertheless I’m not gonna lie an say that the above sentence before the comma aint true, it is actually to some extent. At times you have to do something “negative” to find the answer, in this case that’s exactly what I did….I kinda peaked into someones blackbook (lets call him tom). I mean it was for scientific reasons I assure you all. We wanted to find the direct correlation between the mind of a male and his playa ways. Well to burst your bubbles we did not find the answer to that specific question but we did have a hell of a lot of fun reading the convo's he had with his chicks. I mean I did feel bad but that feeling didn’t really last that long. This “friend” was a well known character amongst the female population, and it was to my advantage to learn that he was a deceitful charmer, although his life belongs to him, I know secrets of men that I shall cherish with me till my dieing day. ( to know this secret email me at One thing that I noticed about these chicks are that they throw themselves on this particular guy, sure this dude is disgustingly handsome, sure his smile just makes you melt…but these chicks “suddenly” have the need to preach. I read in astonishment the trials and tribulations of women an the things they put up with. My friends and I laugh thinking what ditzy girls, you cant get him like that, o she’s doing it all wrong poor girl, it was clear they were “body throwers” ( a term used to define females that tend to throw themselves at male objects), an soon we realized we are all just like them. So there you have it world, women are just pathetic (including I).

...signing off imaan49


Anonymous said...

Not all girls are like that some acutally have class if you ask me

Anonymous said...

am changin my password. Damn, a playa iz safe nowhere dis dayz.


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