Who are we, and what are we here for?

Well we havent really figured out the purpose of this blog, we kinda started it without explaining ourselves. I keep getting comments from people asking for a proper introduction, and I've put it off till now. So here goes, basically we are two somali sistah's hailing from toronto canada. Writing is a form of therapy for us we blog to release our built up tension or just vent when we want to vent. You know at times when you see a person walking so slow infront of you they don't give you the chance to move ahead of them...it's frustrating isnt it, yea well this is where we go to discuss these "issues". We wanted to take part in this blog, write down our views for whatever it maybe and get other people's opinions on it as well. I'll try the best I can to introduce us properly.

Imaan49-that is I, I'm mostly on this only because my life is not as interesting as theirs, pathetic I know.

reality101-she goes through severe moodswings an is probably boycotting this blog as I type. she writes once in awhile and is also known as toronto's hearthrob.

so thats us, hope you all enjoy this blog an as I already mentioned in the disclaimer that the things we mention in these posts are just opinions and are not meant to offend anyone...take care for now



samira said...

You didn't mention why you call yourselves theantidote

The antidote said...

Because I feel we got "theantidote" lol


Ruba said...

that seems nice :)

may Allah help you in whatever you're planning to do

Mina said...

Wow, I didnt know there was so many of u!!!

I guess I should have checked the person who made the post huh?

Thats really kool sis, hope to see the other sisters more often.

The antidote said...

ruba: Ameen to your duaa, thank you for coming on, we really appreciate it

Mina: yea were all so busy most of the time an we just recently started this thing but were all good friends anyways, thank you for reading

Muslimah said...

Hey girls....asalamu alaykum

Looking forward to some cool posts from y'all.


Veiled Muslimah said...

Aww Mashallah. I just stumbled across this blog. And when you mentioned the Somali Sisters, it reminded me of my awesome friend who is Somali, and she's always talking about her Sisters and how much fun they have together.

I know, totally random, but it just crossed my mind. :)

Pucca said...

A great idea, mashallah. love it so far!


Lonesome Dreamer said...

Cool, I always believed in 'the more, the merrier' thing.


Amal said...

LOL , funny sisters

Laila Hussein said...

I just found this blog! Great! I'll try to be visiting often!