How creepy was that, an earthquake in southern ontario, I never thought I'd live to see the day. Today surprisingly my motherly instincts kicked in when I felt my bed shaking, my initial reaction was "hmmmm this doesnt feel right" an after reading all the bbm updates on my phone (thanks guys) I realized it was an earth quake. AAAAHHH!!! now where is my little sister, is she alive, is she dead, how come noone is at my house. Maybe their stuck in the basement somewhere or maybe something fell on my family an their out there hopefully straining to keep their last breaths....In those few minutes of confusion I felt the world shake again...metaphorically that is, until that thought bubble was popped when the door opened an it was my dear old dad. Carrying a tray full of ice caps an a smile on his face my dad screeched in an excited tone "did you feel the earth quake!!"

well yes baba...yes I did

Relieved, an Loving my family *sigh*

God works in mysterious ways

Sometimes as humans we never appreciate what we have. When its within reach its invisible and when its out of reach it suddenly becomes the most valuable thing ever. Now I dont mean to be vague but this concept can be associated with anything. When its gone we crave for it, but we never stop to think why it was taken from us to begin with. We don't stop and say Alhamdulilah but we complain until it comes back only to realize that when it does return we get it on a silver platter. This is the blessing of Allah (swt) and when I say "we" I mostly mean myself. I realized if I didnt have such a negative connotation towards these things, and actually sat down and thought of the severity of my actions I would be more patient. The funny thing about all this is that no matter how many times I'm reminded (by my mother) I never learn my lesson, I react first and understand later. Now I hope my patience does increase because I do believe its a virtue. Because all the things that I had lost were only replaced with better things, and if I had known this earlier maybe I wouldve stopped myself from crying to begin with.

Enlightened (Hope I spelled that right)


The english language seems to be evolving and the bad part is I feel like I don't understand people any more. New words are being created that I can't seem to find in the oxford dictionary. The other day someone asked me if I was straight and the only response I could give was "I'm not gay". My friend laughed and responded with "no silly I mean are you good, do you got loochie?". To avoid any further embarrassment I smiled and nodded my head. I don't like slang, its not english. If I was so concerned with learning another language I would dedicate my time to learning my own somali language again (which I happen to suck at). Is slang supposed to be cool, because you found a shorter way to pronounce a long word, doesnt that just make a person lazy. We should either get these words in the dictionary or stop making stuff up. And no urban dictionary is not a dictionary. I would be grateful if someone politely asked "how are you?" instead of a "whats cracking" thats confusing because, I havent cracked anything *looks around to see if something was stepped on*

p.s I put the pic up only because I thought it was cool.

to a special friend

So a good friend of mine told me she was getting married, and instead of congratulating her....I got teary eyed. I mean yaaayyy she's getting married, I'm more than happy for her, but its the thought of her leaving that frustrates me. Change is something that is so hard to deal with. Ive written about it before being used to something, or someone in your life. You expect things to be there forever, you expect people to always be there. I expected her to always be there. Raising our kids together, and forcing them to be friends even if they didnt like each other. You dream of things that are unlikely but probable but you continue dreaming because the possibility is still there. As selfish as this sounds, I never wanted her gone, not that far away. Because those foolish dreams, as unrealistic as it sounds, may never come true now.

My favorite homie in the whole wide world, the original heart throb of toronto, this post is dedicated to you. So you know how much youve influenced my life. Ive always been told to choose my friends wisely, they may take you to paradise, well mama I have chosen wisely. I can say from the bottom of my heart that you've taught me nothing but good, on the deen, on school and just life in general. You taught me confidence and convinced me that I'm beautiful exactly the way I am. Of all the happiness, joy an laughter that exists in this world, may you be showered with plenty of it. Remember your friends *wink wink* were still here, and I'm always there for you.

Love you always

Epitome of Beauty

A journey has begun with the battle of the mind and heart
did love really exist, should it be ranked amongst the many Ive been with
Its seems these writings are an obligation upon me
to write about the epitome of beauty and sincerity
it does exist because I lay here writing about this
writing about the truth and what I've experienced
no need for anger just acceptance of what has come
You see this poem is a must for people to know the reality
of what is and what was
and what type of men an women exist beyond what we know
I've met goodness in the flesh
and touched my dreams with a sweet caress
his first words were "you are beautiful"
and my reply was "how so?"
in a daze it blew me away,
what Ive always known through readings came before me
So I write this, a poem or something like it
to tell the world I too have seen it
They should know the myth
that love truly exists, and I peered into his eyes
an his into mine an we were then known as "us"
we were known as one, together we were love