The sad reality of happiness

Asalaamu alaikum!

Life is the most interesting journey anyone can be on, and we are all travelling in the same destination, just with different paths. We all want exactly the same thing but do different things to attain it...HAPPINESS. The thing with this concept is that it takes a bunch of concepts to make it complete. Things like, anger, frustration, stress, and most importantly sadness. How can one truly understand the meaning of any of these words without experiencing them all in its entirety. Why do we prefer to avoid the negative aspects of happiness when we truly need it to understand its worth?.

Happiness can come and go, and be replaced with sorrow and despair within seconds. One thing I realized is that it can't be avoided, its part of the journey. There is no escape when it comes to this, all you can do is just brace yourself, make duaa and continue on your path.

Self destruction

Asalaamu alaikum!

As a female I am naturally prone to being emotional I must admit, I am not ashamed because that just makes me human and not a robot. However at times its our thoughts that lead to our self destruction. The what ifs, and maybe's we repeat in our minds can ruin us. I can be put in a situation and right away, my thoughts run with me and from there I make terrible decisions. I guess my question is, how patient can one really be?. If I had someone moderating my decisions would they still be mistakes?.

The advice I usually give out is "make duaa and be patient" (not that I am qualified to be giving out advice), however that is a lot harder than it seems. Impatience is a demon that dwells within me, and as hard as I try to control it the chains seem to be getting loose as the days go on.  Ramadan is approaching and at the right time, so hopefully this changes things or something. The goal is to increase my imaan and gain a stronger grip on my deen.