The Preachers Wife

To start off i'd like to announce that one of my good friends has tied the knot... YUP no more checking out other fellas it's a wrap..... She has entered the life of cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning no wait i think i just mentioned that. Honestly though that's pretty much what we do anyway so what the hell might as well keep doing it right. All jokes a side it was a wonderful day she was a blushing bride with her hair swept to the side. It almost brought tears to my eyes when he came down the aisle or should i say the runway( because Somalis as usual like to drown the groom and make him that much more nervous than he was) and took a glimpse of her.... utterly beautiful.. May God make it a blessed marriage and everything she wanted it to be and more...Okay although i try and write at least once a day I'll tell you right off the bat that that's not going to happen. I barely have enough me time and when i do i rather just cotch in my bed with a good book. Anywho let me start where i left off, i hate people who preach and don't follow. Simple example would be like when mothers say you talk on the phone to much... And clearly who talks more than a full blown Somali mother..NOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY... I mean yes we as Somali females are destined to become just like them but it's funny how oblivious they are of themselves. That was utterly just a random example however, because i barely actually talk on the phone unless I'm surfing the net or sadly at work. What about the mothers that take their children to dugsi and put a hijab on for their kids and they themselves don't do any of the above pretty hypocritical eh.... I kind of understand that the point is that they want their children to be better people then they are and my mom as well tries a few of those things herself but the best example is doing it yourself i believe. The point i'm making here is not really about mothers its about everything in general if you are going to tell someone about something make sure you don't do it yourself.....PEACE In YEMEN

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very interesting blog.....i want more...lool

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that was deep

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wow out of words...thats was deep indeed