So its been awhile since I last posted I know, I just did not have much to say. Well no I'm lieing I had alot to say but who really has the time to write on blogs nowadays. My clock has more than 24 hours, I consider it to be 36 hours. That being said I feel like venting today an the thing I want to vent about is women. I think I should justify the attitudes of women around the world because we do have valid reasons as to why we are so crazy. Lets dig a little deeper shall we. We all know that women speak a different language, if you don't know by now that "no" means "yes", and "I don't know: truly means "I know" then your the one in the different planet buddy. Its such a simple language and we are not so hard to please, buy us something nice maybe a little jewellery and we'll smile throughout the day. You want us to stop nagging well then say something sweet, preferrably off a shakespear play (depending on how lucky you are). And if you don't think the sweet things are the truth well then say it anyways, lieing is never good but lieing to a women will get you places. Fellas that use these tactics are smart an know what their doing so moral of the day........

buy things, read shakespear and lie...


Dear Words

I apologize for abandoning you. I do wish i could visit you more often. The problem lies with my inability to write consistently. I'm an emotional writer, and well i'm not always emotionally. Perhaps you feel a bit used, or unappreciated.. And i dont blame you because i use you... I use you when i'm happy, when i'm upset, when i'm disheartened, and when i'm bored..But most often i'm very indifferent... lol.. Anyway the reason i write to you today is because well (yes you guessed it) i'm emotional.. But here is the thing. Although my emotions have brought me to you, id like to mention i dont plan on abandoning you again. Well at least those are my intentions.. And i know actions speak louder than words.. So i hope to prove you wrong in your doubt..

With Love
A writer