thought provoking

So lately Ive been feeling like I havent really accomplished anything. The book ive been "writing" is still untitled an my dreams of being on oprah promoting my work is still.....a dream. I thought for quite sometime now that I was a "nothing", you know those people that have no talent, nothing to offer to society and I call these people the "takers". Being a taker I felt kind of down for a very long time, I wanted to be someone, I wanted to be important, I wanted to be like sophie kinsella, or yasmina khadra. I want to be an author, and I know that a few chapters of an untitled book wont make me an author but even I have dreams. I figured of all the authors trying to make it big, of the thousands of writers working towards their dreams, why am I so special? Well sadly I am not special, and maybe not as good as the other writers out there. I realized being a taker is not so bad, sometimes to be a writer you need an audience to appreciate talent an work and that to me is just as important. A writer is nothing without its readers. I guess what I'm trying to say is that even if my dreams don't work out, I'm playing a major part in making other dreams come true. If we all made it, who would be our critics when everyone is too busy competing with each other. One day if InshAllah it happens then alhamdulilah an if not then good luck to all the other writers out there.

p.s I still want to be on oprah


avid reader

Congrats to all

Tis a time of happiness and joy and this is a message to all that have or are beginning a new phase in their lives.....

To all the new mothers, fathers, and expecting parents. To the newly weds and soon to be couples. To those who have just stepped out of highschool an those who have just ended the long an treacherous journey of postsecondary. To those who have seen their loved ones after a long period of time, and those who have packed their bags an have moved into islamic grounds. To those who have finally decided to make a dream come true an to those whose dreams have already come true.

May you all take advantage of this joyous occasion and thank Allah (swt) upon recieving such a blessing.

When he (the Prophet) (pbuh) used to receive pleasant news, he (pbuh) would say:

‘All Praise is for Allaah by whose favour good works are accomplished.’

الْحَمْـدُ للهِ الَّذي بِنِـعْمَتِهِ تَتِـمُّ الصّـالِحات

Al hamdu li-l-lâhi l-ladhî bi-nicmatihi tatimmu s-sâlihâtu.


Ive built an enemy line between the mosquito and I, this is beyond war, this is hatred to a new level!!!

My dear bloodsuckers, what have I ever done to you, please spare me the grief and humility of scratching in places I dare not scratch in public. Im aware of the sweetness of my blood but Ive been told the blood of a swine is far sweeter than mine. O mosquito's I beg of thee to leave me in peace, leave me in my tranquil state of non itching. I bid thee farewell, for these scratches will leave scars and I will be forced to remember you always, this is a promise I have no choice but to keep. This wound that you leave behind will forever be a part of me, an will remain a memory of what wouldve been a beautiful day until a mosquito bit me......

good day now

*scratches on out of blogspot*

unrealistic expectations

Here I am as emotional as ever an the topic for today is UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.
Of course everything I talk about in here is from personal experience, nothing too specific but pretty general in a sense that I the blogger also have the right to keep some things private.

I think that going into relationships people have expectations about the other that is just extremely unrealistic. By relationships I don't mean the western term of boyfriend and girlfriend, but I mean someone looking for marriage. In most cases I find the men always have ridiculous requirements in there list that are at times unnecessary. I feel that if you wish for an educated person in your life, you should be educated yourself, or if you wish for a women to be fit an attractive the other person must be trying their best to be healthy as well. I do understand that we shouldnt settle for less but how can you ask for someone so great when you yourself are not doing the part to fit that criteria. When did people stop being so real?

Everyone an everything seem so plastic, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I miss moments where one is praised for just being simple.