Other excitements to ponder

With the exclusion of my trip to saudi, another thing that has me eagerly awaiting is the upcoming Twilight movie, made from the book Twilight by author Stephenie Meyers. This book was one of my faves, and although the plot line seems kind of cheesy when I explain it to people it is actually pretty good. One thing that had me shell shock is the choice of actors they had chosen for the movie. With the book "the kite runner" all the actors and the setting looked exactly how I imagined it to look like, except for assef the bad guy in the book. However with the movie Twilight, the main character Bella does not look like Bella to me. I dont know if this is something to complain about, but I already had my eyes open for that girl in that limony snickets movie to play Bella, because she was the perfect isabella swan in my eyes. Seriously do these people not read the books, this is just utterly disturbing, and I do not want to go to saudi with a sour mood, but movie writers if your reading this, next time.....please ask the fans for advice because it is us you want to please in the end.

thank you


Journey to Saudi

so i'm just blogging now for the sake of blogging. I've been away for awhile now because...(drum rolls) IM GOING TO SAUDI WOOHOOO!!!. So my flight leaves june 23 an I'll be gone for two months, my whole family and I'll be relaxing with the rest of dem saudi's sippin on that zam zam. I've been so busy just preparing, going shopping for gifts yada yada and just working my butt off. I'm so exhausted because there are so many things left to be done and I'm taking my precious time, as if i have time on my hands......which I don't, so don't let me fool you all. But all this stress and exhaustion will be worth it in the end especially when I do umrah with the fam...not that I am bragging and if it sounds like I'm bragging then my bad but who would be able to stop themselves from gabbing on about this.....right?

Well as much as I'm looking forward to the trip, I'm still feeling uneasy because I hate the feeling of having to "miss". I'll miss my friends, family, and especially my best friends wedding, which till now I cannot believe she set it while I'll be away. Saudi is an experience worth taking, the last time I went I felt the sense of belonging almost immediately, an the best thing about this trip now is that I'll be ready for whatever comes my way. I wasnt prepared for alot of things the last time, and I must admit the first week was just horrible, but the simplicity just took my breath away (thats when I got used to it of course). I cannot control my patience, and I'm so eager to see my grandparents again, and do umrah with all of us together just like old times. I have to remind myself that I'm only gonna sleep 6 hours everyday, I cannot waste my time there to sleep so hopefully that works out. So for now the blogging, on my part atleast, has ceased for just awhile, but I'll be back inshallah with full blown force ready to talk about the experience. I'll write when I'm there ya'll...


Do it Right!

i'm loving how there are so many more girls practising now, masha Allah it feels like another world but its still Toronto. more and more people are taking the hijab seriously and are wearing abaya's, fully long hijabs, and even socks with flats masha Allah. but what i cannot seem to understand are the girls that were orginally always practising, but don't follow the rules that they are knowingly breaking. i dont want to be judgemental don't get me wrong, but its so sad to see girls who were always wearing the hijab and are known to be good girls and "hijabi's" here in the material world, but are wearing skirts that are extremely tight or are showing their figure, or tops/shirts that show their figure and everything else, and even listen to music. its so contradicting if u really sit and think about it. i mean if there was anyone looking at the situation from an outside view they would say "do it right or Don't do it at all!" i myself sometimes fall into that trap when i do go out so i can understand it is tempting sometimes to wear that new skirt that fits just right or that new top that was on sale and u just had to get. and its so sad how we look at the kaafirs and shake our heads when we see them sporting short shorts or the tightest jeans that look painted on. but to be honest, i see no difference, our skirts are just as tight! we have to remember we are all an example regardless if we're by ourselves or in a group, the way we conduct our selves including the way we dress speaks much louder than words. ..but we gotta always remember our purpose in this world, and its not to please others, its to please Allah Subhana Wa Taa'laa and follow what has been brought down. so i guess this post was more of a heads up n a likkle reminder that we are the best of the Ummah but we have to show it as well.

Signing off, its sweet...Bittersweet007