niqaabi killer on the loose

Rumor has it that a niqaabi serial killer is on the loose, or was she just robbing houses? Well the point is she's armed an dangerous.... and where did I hear this story from...the toronto star?...nope....ummm CNN you say....nope....THE SOMALI COMMUNITY DUHHH!!!. Where else will you hear such bizzare stories that has probably been exaggerated each time the rumor was spread. I've been told not to open doors for niqaabis, ESPECIALLY when they ask to come in to make wudhoo. LOOOOOOOOOOL, isnt that just the most ridonculous thing you've ever heard. A random niqaabi is stranded infront of housing complexes, busy fixing her niqab maybe, an well what do you know, its prayer time, she knocks on your door asking to make lets just say the result is very fatal.

so watch out my fellow torontonians


Why is goku white?

I don't mean to be a prick an complain like half of anime fans, but i am so disappointed. I wouldve wrote about this sooner but my laziness got the best of me. So here's the deal, i dont get why they cast a white male in dragon ball evolution. I understand that goku was from another planet an that he may have never been japanese to begin with, but he cant be white either. Goku is supposed to be the worlds greatest saiyyan, but according to the movie his fighting skills are wack, heck the asian females fight better than he does. Goku wasnt known only for his kamayha mayha, he was known for his fighting skills as well. AND his hair is supposed to be spiky and black, and as a saiyyan its supposed to be blonde. I see asian super saiyyans on the bus that wouldve been sooo much better to play in that movie than that white guy. ARRGHHH, i know for sure that if they had a japanese cast they wouldve still made it to hollywood so their excuse about "marketing" is just a bunch of b.s to me. Well anyways i put a whole cast of asian actors together but this is the goku that i always had in mind
Takeshi Kaneshiro-house of flying daggers.

irritated imaan49