How I survived work while fasting!

Asalaamu alaikum!

Now this isn't my first fast and I have worked before while fasting, however considering I work almost everyday now as a full time nurse I was a bit nervous for this Ramadan. If you are a nurse or a health care professional then you will definitely understand how hard and stressful a regular day can be. Last year my s.o had suggested I eat consciously and take multivitamins during suhoor as well as foods that will keep me full throughout the day. Unfortunately last year I was too lazy to take advice since I was only working part time and it wasn't so bad. Plus I was also too lazy to actually go out and buy the multivitamins. Well I finally took that advice (yes I bought multivitamins) and my first day went rather well and this is what I did.

I woke up at 3 am! this bit was the hardest, getting my body out of bed and keeping my eyes open. I forced myself out of bed and made myself oatmeal and added some fruits to my bowl of oatmeal, though I normally prefer honey it just so happened that I ran out. I drank 1 glass of chocolate milk, and by 1 glass I mean 240 ml's if we want to get specific here. Lastly I had a multivitamin by swiss naturel. Any brand will work but these were just what I had at hand and voila, the recipe to a great work day!.

I just wanted to share this because I'm still so pumped about this, anyways I'm actually still at work, I think I should go and start my documentation process.......

Ba Bye!