Do it Right!

i'm loving how there are so many more girls practising now, masha Allah it feels like another world but its still Toronto. more and more people are taking the hijab seriously and are wearing abaya's, fully long hijabs, and even socks with flats masha Allah. but what i cannot seem to understand are the girls that were orginally always practising, but don't follow the rules that they are knowingly breaking. i dont want to be judgemental don't get me wrong, but its so sad to see girls who were always wearing the hijab and are known to be good girls and "hijabi's" here in the material world, but are wearing skirts that are extremely tight or are showing their figure, or tops/shirts that show their figure and everything else, and even listen to music. its so contradicting if u really sit and think about it. i mean if there was anyone looking at the situation from an outside view they would say "do it right or Don't do it at all!" i myself sometimes fall into that trap when i do go out so i can understand it is tempting sometimes to wear that new skirt that fits just right or that new top that was on sale and u just had to get. and its so sad how we look at the kaafirs and shake our heads when we see them sporting short shorts or the tightest jeans that look painted on. but to be honest, i see no difference, our skirts are just as tight! we have to remember we are all an example regardless if we're by ourselves or in a group, the way we conduct our selves including the way we dress speaks much louder than words. ..but we gotta always remember our purpose in this world, and its not to please others, its to please Allah Subhana Wa Taa'laa and follow what has been brought down. so i guess this post was more of a heads up n a likkle reminder that we are the best of the Ummah but we have to show it as well.

Signing off, its sweet...Bittersweet007


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I often get judgemental too, but little do i see my back ... :-(
I hope Allah guides every Muslim brother and sister to the right path. Ameen,


amal said...

its just a weakness that some woman have , doesnt mean anything , I do understand what you mean , but then we all have imperfection look at ourselves then things kind of changes , our perception .

Kulmiye said...

manshallah- nicely said, and yes to info May Allah guide us all to the right path... finally I say- let your words be heard beyond this blog!

Mina said...

At the end its for ALLAH to judge all, as we think we have the right when we dont
as the other sisters said before me
sometimes we over look things and can get judgemental and forget ourselves, but its all part of being human as we are not perpect in any way.

ammena said...

and we also got to remember that everyone is in a different situation than ourselves. Im also disturbed that it is always women commenting about women.. how about the dudes? they dont wear their hijab like they should :( Allahu alim :D nice to see youre in Toronto, Im near London myself alhamdulillah and love my random trips to 'downtown'