in saudi

So i'm vacationing now, an i havent been on this blog in a long time, pardon my spelling mistakes, the connection on this computer sucks an i dont have time to double check, so yea, i had an interesting journey here, all the flights starting from canada got delayed an it took three whole days just to get to saudi. It was torture, but the good part is all the airports gave us money to buy food, it wasnt the best food but when your hungry even water tastes soo much better. Well hmmmm the weather is pretty humid, they have wind but the wind is more like a heat wave Its like when you open an oven an alot of hot air just blows you, its exactly like that. Everyone can tell were outsiders, so buying things is difficult since they overprice us for everything. It would be easy if my arabic actually sounded like arabic but kheyr. Well when I go on a proper computer with a better connection i'll babble on some more, since thats what I do best

so peace from the middle east