back to life...back to reality

As you've guessed it, my vacation is over an we are now back in school. As miserable as I sound typing this message, it really aint so bad. But honestly I couldve sworn june was just yesterday, an I was eagerly awaiting the day I quit my job so I can leave this country, and within seconds I'm back, jobless, and have already been slapped with an assignment due next week. Well besides all that, the best part about this month is that its ramadan, and I actually like the fact that it came early in the year. Well anyways, since I just recently came back, its gonna take me awhile to get back into the habit again. I'll summarize my trip next time but until then lets sit back relax an wait for iftaar.



Mina said...

Welcome back Imaan...missed ya posts macaanto, glad 2 have you back its been very quiet:P

Anways Ramadan Kareem and hopefully catch you soon hun

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Ramadan Kareem. :)

Where in KSA were you? I'm in Riyadh. :) Look forward to your postsw about Saudi... how do you find it here?

The antidote said...

Asalaamu alaikum

Mina, awww I missed you more, ramadan kareem to you too, its gonna take awhile for me to settle back to canada mode, give it a few more days

strangerinthisdunya: I just got back last monday, I was actually all over the place, I have relatives in medina, mecca, bawadi, but I was mostly staying in jeddah. Saudi is amazing, I've been there more than once, and i was born an raised there but this time I had a stronger connection to saudi, I felt like I belong.

Mina said...

Waiting for your post bout Saudi:)...

RUBA said...

welcome back sister :0

tell us about your trip,any pictures?

The antidote said...

Mina: lol i finally wrote something bout saudi, school takes u away from well everything

ruba: hey darling, yes i have lots of pics, I'm gonna post them up soon inshallah but its gonna take some time.