Other excitements to ponder

With the exclusion of my trip to saudi, another thing that has me eagerly awaiting is the upcoming Twilight movie, made from the book Twilight by author Stephenie Meyers. This book was one of my faves, and although the plot line seems kind of cheesy when I explain it to people it is actually pretty good. One thing that had me shell shock is the choice of actors they had chosen for the movie. With the book "the kite runner" all the actors and the setting looked exactly how I imagined it to look like, except for assef the bad guy in the book. However with the movie Twilight, the main character Bella does not look like Bella to me. I dont know if this is something to complain about, but I already had my eyes open for that girl in that limony snickets movie to play Bella, because she was the perfect isabella swan in my eyes. Seriously do these people not read the books, this is just utterly disturbing, and I do not want to go to saudi with a sour mood, but movie writers if your reading this, next time.....please ask the fans for advice because it is us you want to please in the end.

thank you



Sarah said...

I was very bitter about their choice for Edward. Robert Pattinson is not bad looking, but he is not good-looking enough to play Edward. There are literally 100+ guys in the industry who would look better as Edward than he does. Maybe his acting will make up for it.

Of course, I'm still looking forward to the movie. Hopefully they don't butcher the story.

Ruba said...

what does the book talk about?

I recently watched "the kite runner",a movie is never as good as the book,I was very made at the producers of the movie for omitting many details like when the little kid tried to kill himself!

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...


Hope u,ur life to be fine n shine inshallah.

I would like to remind u of HER who has ruined so many in past,many today,n will be ruining many more in future.

SHE is.......... so Never follow HER.Inform others too about HER.Take pain to log on to my blog to watch/read her story.

www.hamidswisdom.blogspot.com and inform me ur feelings if u can.

Idil said...

oh twilight i have read the whole series i am waiting for the movie...i love the books but every time i read a book then watch the movie i get dissapointed ands thats why i havent watched kite runner yet because i loved the book so much i didn't want to hate the movie

read "a thousand splendid suns" so amazing from the same author as the kite runner

The antidote said...

sarah- wow really you didnt like their choice, i think it was a good choice im just hating on bella, but just like you im also looking forward to the movie

ruba- i'll post the summary for you inshallah, my computer is acting up an i cant even log onto my own blog properly but basically its a fantasy fiction book involving vampires an werewolves, sounds cheesy but its pretty good

ahmed- i dont really kno the "she" ur referring to, but when i get onto a better computer i'll go on ur blog inshallah an figure it out, but welcome to my blog, thanks for reading

idil- i havent read athousand splendid suns yet, but i've also been pretty lazy lately but im sure its just as good because the kite runner is just amazing