lets rewind

You know, at times I feel like it was just yesterday I was in grade school, running away from dem boys before they gave me the coodies, or when candy was much more important than money. I remember running home from school just to catch an episode of the power rangers (yellow ranger was the best HANDS DOWN). Or the many times we dropped water balloons on the eighth floor of the 370 building in dixon, or when all the kids knew each other and our moms used to hang out at one persons house each night. I remember that steep road at the back of one building where we would dare each other to ride our bikes down an eventually it was just for fun. Another memory is when I would say every excuse in the book to my parents just so they can get me out of macalin samo’s duksi, or tryna sneak to the playground or the swimming pool before any somali lady see's me an threatens to tell my mother if she catches me going in the pool again…. We never argued back then about nothing, we usually picked on a kid every now an then, but it was all good, eventually we were all friends…..12 years later…tell me why is it that I’m soo obsessed in growing my hair as long as Nicole scherzingers, or why I panic when I miss an episode of the hills (not that I watch the hills but you get my point). Why is it one arguement grows into a grudge then gossip then hate an more hate. Or that I and the rest of us are juggling school, work, and just life in general….Man if only I can go back in time to those careless moments when everything was just stupid fun, so here is a clip of a precious memory I have of “back then”. I don’t care if you guys think its cheesy cuz I know DAMN WELL you all know the words to this song...

imaan49 signing off yet again

The Preachers Wife

To start off i'd like to announce that one of my good friends has tied the knot... YUP no more checking out other fellas it's a wrap..... She has entered the life of cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning no wait i think i just mentioned that. Honestly though that's pretty much what we do anyway so what the hell might as well keep doing it right. All jokes a side it was a wonderful day she was a blushing bride with her hair swept to the side. It almost brought tears to my eyes when he came down the aisle or should i say the runway( because Somalis as usual like to drown the groom and make him that much more nervous than he was) and took a glimpse of her.... utterly beautiful.. May God make it a blessed marriage and everything she wanted it to be and more...Okay although i try and write at least once a day I'll tell you right off the bat that that's not going to happen. I barely have enough me time and when i do i rather just cotch in my bed with a good book. Anywho let me start where i left off, i hate people who preach and don't follow. Simple example would be like when mothers say you talk on the phone to much... And clearly who talks more than a full blown Somali mother..NOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY... I mean yes we as Somali females are destined to become just like them but it's funny how oblivious they are of themselves. That was utterly just a random example however, because i barely actually talk on the phone unless I'm surfing the net or sadly at work. What about the mothers that take their children to dugsi and put a hijab on for their kids and they themselves don't do any of the above pretty hypocritical eh.... I kind of understand that the point is that they want their children to be better people then they are and my mom as well tries a few of those things herself but the best example is doing it yourself i believe. The point i'm making here is not really about mothers its about everything in general if you are going to tell someone about something make sure you don't do it yourself.....PEACE In YEMEN

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the ditzy an the brain.....one is a genius the others insane

so here's the deal, they say sometimes in life you got to scam, lie, cheat to get on top, I say in life you got to kick upwards to make the ones above you fall down. Nevertheless I’m not gonna lie an say that the above sentence before the comma aint true, it is actually to some extent. At times you have to do something “negative” to find the answer, in this case that’s exactly what I did….I kinda peaked into someones blackbook (lets call him tom). I mean it was for scientific reasons I assure you all. We wanted to find the direct correlation between the mind of a male and his playa ways. Well to burst your bubbles we did not find the answer to that specific question but we did have a hell of a lot of fun reading the convo's he had with his chicks. I mean I did feel bad but that feeling didn’t really last that long. This “friend” was a well known character amongst the female population, and it was to my advantage to learn that he was a deceitful charmer, although his life belongs to him, I know secrets of men that I shall cherish with me till my dieing day. ( to know this secret email me at secretstomen@hotmail.com) One thing that I noticed about these chicks are that they throw themselves on this particular guy, sure this dude is disgustingly handsome, sure his smile just makes you melt…but these chicks “suddenly” have the need to preach. I read in astonishment the trials and tribulations of women an the things they put up with. My friends and I laugh thinking what ditzy girls, you cant get him like that, o she’s doing it all wrong poor girl, it was clear they were “body throwers” ( a term used to define females that tend to throw themselves at male objects), an soon we realized we are all just like them. So there you have it world, women are just pathetic (including I).

...signing off imaan49


Today is Tuesday April 22 and a mighty beautiful day outside. The sun is shining bright and the breeze is refreshing. I haven't actually stepped outside as of yet and i clearly don't intend to until the sun disappears and is nowhere to be found. The sun is nice to look at from afar but when you're wearing black and you are covered from head to toe let's just say you prefer the indoors, air condition is also a plus. I mean i don't have to wear black but its my preference because its slimming duh... no i just like it because its convenient non flashy and well i can wear just about any color headscarf to match it.... Moving along i had a wonderful night last night, minus the fact i forget to say i love you to my significant other, or wait do i even have a significan other but besides that it was dandy. I was rudely awakened by my brat of a sister who needed to be fed which put an abrupt halt to my dream. I finally set a date for my wedding, its Jan 29 of 2010 and yes you are all invited everyone of you. Sad part is my partner in crime doesn't know about it.....On that note i just wanted to add .....One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don't practice what they preach, i know its kinda random but i shall elaborate a bit more with my next post... ta ta FOR NOW

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–noun: An agent used to neutralize or counteract the effects of a poison.

or our definition: A remedy to prevent the deterioration of braincells (this is just our definition, do not quote us on this!!)