Cycle of torture

School is finally done, and blissful times have finally come, and “life” aka stress is temporarily put on hold. Well a different kind of stress, you know the kind of stress where you basically try to kill urself for a good grade, an sacrifice sleep, hunger thirst for a future that may never make you rich. That stress is put on hold, an now the mutated version is soon arriving, you know the kind where you practically kill yourself, sacrifice sleep, hunger an thirst to make enough inorder to pay towards that “future” that may never make you rich to begin with. But whose complaining right, no matter what challenges come our way this cycle that we seem to go through is something that we crave for, ok maybe not everyone but I do. Even if money is not involved I can vouch for everyone (please agree with me on this) that the bragging rights to a degree is just as satisfying. Ok maybe not completely, I’m just tryna prove my theory here, an I decided since I haven’t posted anything in a while the time is now to share my theories with you.
I know I’m a nerd everything I talk about has to do with school an that sort, but whatever nerds are cool, an I shall end this by saying POWER TO THE NERDS

Respectively, (<--don’t know if that makes sense but it looks so professional)



Hannah Montana said...

lol, i never realized it like that....y dont u try somethin in the entertainment industry, you can make millions doing something for five seconds

Anonymous said...

girl im lovin the antidote

wait, who's who here? which ones mah twin fatima? lol