Word babble

Word association makes life hard for me…..Whenever I think of certain words I always associate it with an object, but most often to a song. As i take a bite out of a gummy bear my mind remembers the gummy bear cartoon(which is something #igrewuopn) and I start to sing “gummi bears bouncing here and there and everywhere…..why buy a matters anywhere else”…. I’m not sure why I always end that song with the sleep country mattress song but it’s engraved in my head forever. The sad part is the conviction I sing the songs in, as if it’s not ridiculously bizarre of me to be conjoining two songs that have nothing to do with each other. The point is I’m sure I’m not the only person who has weird word association, but ever since I heard the song hot sauce by sweetrush… I cannot pick up a bottle of hot sauce and not say “I’m just like hot sauce, can you handle me”.. No matter where I am, or who is beside me, I always blurt out whatever tune is ringing in my head. This is a tad bit embarrassing I must admit for my friends that is, because I have no qualms in making a fool out of myself, its second nature. “Even though It’s too late, wanna say I’m sorry”(I sing, throwing up deuces in the air as I imitate the music video ) to those that have to suffer this period of utter nonsense of mine I know it can be annoying at times….Sometimes I’m not even sure if I’m singing the right words, but I think the melody is correct, or so I’ve convinced myself. I open the door to step outside my house and do a once over in the mirror “an say wassup”… Wait, I think I’m losing my sense of self, because with each song that sticks to my head, the less control I have of my own thoughts. GET OUT “right now it’s the end of you and me, it’s too late and I can’t wait for you to be gone”… I’d like a refund, can I get my brain back…….


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

lol..ur rant just reminded me of an episode of Calissa Flockhart's old sitcome with the dancing naked baby. Cant believe i forgot the name of that...sheesh. I had the same problem but mine was strictly tied to movie lines...it was odd..thank god, ive moved past it..lol