In celebration of my 1000th (the time this is finished I'm pretty sure I will be well over 1000) tweet I dedicate this entry to twitter. I remember when my dearest friend ( well I hope she’s still my friend) tried to get me to jump on the bandwagon when twitter first came out. I was still weaning myself of facebook and knew that I wouldn't be able to maintain a real life alongside all these cyber lives. I wasn't won over by her explanation of what twitter was to be quite frank. To me it was a place where a bunch of birds were trying to morph into sheep. I avoided the temptation for a short while until my hands unconsciously typed in up the account was relatively easy and from that point on I became a fan of the site. It wasn't until I downloaded ubertwitter on my phone that my addiction formed. The ease in which I could easily tweet my thoughts appealed to me. " Right now I'm with idil", "pennies are useless and should seize to exist"... Those were my amature tweets... As time went on my tweeting skills improved “driving aimlessly with the hando @idiley". " Lsning to replay @seankingston literally on replay..". I've never been the entertaining type so my lack of followers is self explanatory. Well not really because I can think of many people who are not even remotely interesting but still have a herd of sheep following them...yes my hope in life is to be eligible to get a verified account.. Let's get down to the nitty gritty.. Anybody whose following me Is only doing so probably courtesy of my friends and follow fridays...(Does that really work, would you blindly follow someone because someone told you 2). A display pic one has often abides in getting ones attention... my display pic on the contrary probably instills confusion in the hearts of many.... It is definitely not aiding me in my attempts... My pic "is somewhere in the mix between a 13 year old boy who just hit puberty tryna be a thug and a girl who has an identity crises". I've attempted on working on my poses and even considered showing more skin. Maybe something along the lines of my hand and heyyy if we are being really provocative maybe an ankle.....I am pretty ashamed of my pose, because I'm pretty sure I've fallen victim to what @nileevans was warning people against in his blog. Lucky for you all though I'm not photogenic.... Sometimes I need to take a step back and analyze what is going on.. @souljaboytellem so how's your day.... Do you really think he cares,,,, but we still respond, secretly believing that this timeeee its going to be different)... I'm fine... And that's pretty much where the convo ends... ok I understand the point of twitter ,its a great place to network and get out your awkward thoughts without people judging you..(Ya right)... Yes people judge you, and not only people you know but random strangers are judging u too..You know that #twitterrunsyourlife if you are a twitter celeb but before twitter no one knew who you were..if you tweet your every thought even while you’re driving your car.. If you start thinking your cool enough to unfollow people, or you've reached your capacity of people you will follow… all that put aside... When I first got on twitter I was a celeb junky.. Until I realized how annoying some of them really are... Sometimes the less you know about the person the more you like em... I've lost respect for many of my fav celebs because of twitter.. there are a few who still keep it real, like @seankingston I mean he's pretty humble, and oddly enuff he takes some time to respond back to his followers.. The point is if you think a celeb is gonna be your friend cuz you follow him/her, it aint gonna happen.. He\she probably has enuff friends, and if you tryna be that quickie he\she hits up when they in your town, have a nice pic( possibly one that doesn't include your face, because that is not relevant for the cause) up and say as little as possible, they aint talkin to u for your smarts...twitter has become grounds for real life beef... did i just loose follower, wtf... That's it imma delete her arse off bbm as well, that trifling heffa, tryna send tweets to my man...(Actually he belongs to nobody, he doesn't even know who you are.. He just replied with an lol, that wasn’t he’s way of saying he loves you.. I’ve been fooled with that myself)... Then we got the follow hungry folk who join groups that will give you more follower..(Are u serious, that's just low)... I'd appreciate people who actually are actively reading my tweets cuz they find them amusing rather than people who tryna increase their numbers following me.. Lastly, for all the laylow creepers, who follow you but NEVER say anything to you.. Wat that's about, its kinda weird (I'm sorry don't unfollow me)loool.. Twitter is terrific, great waste of follow me..



Michel said...

twitter is a means to network, promote, and cure boredom, no more no less, excellent read though

SmileyDaPrince said...

first of all...i was in a sad ass mood right about now....some haiti pics had me tearin up..but this made me smile. lol twitter is one of the best tools created on the net that is a complete waste of time.. i dont agree with Michel.. because although you can network and promote..its 95% bullshit.. ppl believing their own hype..but i enjoy it lol.. the "showing more skin" part lmaooo..naw sis..u perfect the way u is..even tho in ur last pic u looked like u had an identity crisis hahaha jp. but yea..exactly same way i joined twitter.. someone tellin me about tryna be the odd cookie out of the pack...then eventually giving in