A penny or many!!

If you get annoyed by humans and your best friend is a toy kittens, if you feel like you always get the short end of the stick in life, and if smiling is a chore….. Plz stay at home and cry yourself a river (or anywhere that is not close to my vicinity would do just fine). Is it just me or has good customer service become a foreign thing. Shopping isn’t an experience that I enjoy and I definitely don’t need anyone making it any more dreadful (unless I’m shopping online that is). “Don’t you have any bills” the cashier says (as she rolls her eyes with a handful of change in her hand). Sometimes I feel like they’re the ones doing me the favor for allowing me to shop at their store…. “Nope just 200 pennies so get to counting” … Seriously if I wanted to use a bill I would have, its dollarama for crying out loud, … What does it take to get some good ol fashioned customer service where the customer is always right, and possibly a smile at the end of the transaction? I know this aint MacDonald’s and smiles aint free, but give me a break and do your job. When else can I get rid of my pennies if not at a dollar store? (It’s a recession bloody hell, I’m broke ok) This happens in just about every store and especially if the teller is a female. I use to think they were all just pmsing but its happened way to many times for that to be a sound reason. “can I get this in a size 4”( more like a size 12, but for purposes of making myself feel better I’m a size 4” ….. “ya its over there on the shelf”…looool, Wait, I thought it was your job to fetch things, why are you directing me to a shelf that I don’t plan to walk over to. I mean I’ll gladly waltz over there if I’m getting some sort of good customer discount, or even a share of your paycheck. Why can’t you all just make my life and your life easier and recognize you’re actually at work, which probably means you’re going to have to do some “work”. Yes very bizarre I know but someone’s gotta do it.
What happened to cultural sensitivity these days? If you are working at a place that a certain culture is known to live, don’t be oblivious to the fact that they will be your most frequent customers….. Some people just say the darnest things I tell you. I’m very mellow in nature but if there is something that boils my blood it would have to be any sort of racial slur. The remarks are rarely intended to me, but I feel for whoever is being offended. This goes out to all my Asian, African, and South American friends and anyone else whose grasp of English is anything less than perfect (hmm I guess that would also include myself ). I’ve realized that having a battle of wit doesn’t work at all, it just makes you more upset and result to nothing. I was at the hospital the other night and because of swine flu they were not letting anyone in who was not either the parent or grandparents of the patient. The thing with the Somali culture is that as soon as they find out someone is sick they all flock to hospital to wish them well (off course with food that is, because food makes everything so much better)… This might seem odd to someone who is not use to this cultural behavior which was probably the case for the receptionist that had the ill pleasure of having to assist me.
One of the ladies was refused to see a patient and well…no never really means no (it means yes after being annoying enough). So she slyly tried to go unnoticed, but to no avail.. The reception blurts out hey lady with the red scarf….. HOLD UP, did I just hear that or was I drifting back off to la la land….. Calm down, no worries I tell myself ( yes I talk to myself, don’t pretend like you don’t)….As me and my sister wait in the lobby waiting for my niece the receptionist goes on mumbling nonsense to her co-workers..”It must be a full moon or something”..lool wtf, do we look like werewolf’s or something ( I haven’t shaved in the past week so maybe my hairiness justifies her remark)….Loosing my patience I walk over to the counter and question when we could go into see the kid, she replies “I think there is a new rule that won’t allow you to go in”.. no one is paying you to think lady…you either know or you don’t .. I hate getting the runaround, I am only allowed to give people the runaround, … How dare she try and use my own tricks on me. She directs me to a flyer with the rules that I should look over.. As I skim over the paper I get more furious as to the paper has nothing to do with what I’m inquiring about (rather refreshing read though, I learned a few new things about H1n1). In fact it goes against what she is telling me. I walk over and calmly tell her that the paper states nothing that is relevant to what I’m asking, and she replies I know… SO EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME.. if I wanted to read id go to the library….loool seriously.. In any case I had enough ammunition to take this to someone a bit higher up.. The key is never to complain to a manger, because the likely hood of the person you’re complaining about and the manger being friends are high…. You have to go one up…. And never complain about the rules… There is no point arguing about not being able to enter the hospital because underneath all that rubbish that was coming out of her mouth there probably is some truth… You argue everything except that…. Your argument should be fueled by the manner in which you were spoken to and in particular the verbiage. Can you imagine someone saying “hey you with the turban”….That would not fly.. so why would “hey you with the scarf”…Why am I getting worked up about something that didn’t happen to me…. Simple, because that could have been my mother, my aunt, or even my cousin.. Not knowing the language, or being culturally different does not warrant being treated unjustly.. Wow was that a sob story or wat.. fml………………….
The moral of the story is……………Always pay in pennies and try and get all receptionist fired because if they haven’t already slipped up, we can get em before they do…


Ahmed A. said...

lool you can only give the run around huh....Halarious....but i must agree thangs get wreckless at the hospital no lie...so what happened to da lady at reception....you get her fired?

Anonymous said...

Ur horrible, NO LIE!..lol. I speak on behalf of all those who ever were overqualified receptionists/cashiers/labourers...hated getting paid measley dollars and serving people who had somethin witty to say...I NEVER LET THEM PAY IN PENNIES!..lol..Umm, if they aint rolled, hunny, it doesn't count as money to me....u might get away with it if ur under 12. I was tat nice.