I’ve become the definition of a bum. That’s right I confess I add nothing productive to this society. I’m not sure when exactly it became so but the realization of it hit me suddenly. I’m unemployed……I’m out of school….. And with all the time I have I do nothing productive. The thing is it’s not only me that’s in this predicament and that’s what makes things so much worse. Now that we have so many bums all the bums want to gather around and waste their time together. The thing you got to understand is that being a hijabi makes it very difficult to make use of the pretty clothes you’ve acquired over the past few years. They often just rot away in your closet and soon become too small for you because your waist size isn’t exactly as small as it use to be. So what happens to go around this problem is that people throw house parties, all girls’ house parties just in case you’re wondering. This gives everyone an opportunity to bring out that top that they’ve been dying to wear and dust off their pumps. All the girls gather around have a good time and then return to wherever it was they came from. In theory that’s a good idea, but the problem lies when everyone has free time and throws a party. So because you yourself have nothing better to do your probably going to end up going to each and every one, and then you start realizing that you’ve been to 3 different parties in one week and your running out of clothes to wear. You know you’re a bum when you know the party your headed to is going to be horrid because you’re not friends with anyone that is going but STILL YOU GO….loool now that’s just pathetic. Yes I’m at an all time low right now…..
Along with this sudden burst of events to attend my internal clock has gone haywire. I sleep until 1 and I’m awake until 4am… That’s odd because at one point in time I would get grouchy after 11 but now that’s prime time for me….lol.. The only thing that has me questioning my new owl like behavior is my mother…. I’m in this peaceful sleep, because I probably just got into deep sleep not long ago, and at exactly 12:30 she begins to holler… NAYAAAAAA Saadaan ba hoordia.. I mean I don’t get a pat on the head, honey you should probably get up you’ve slept the night away. You know, like it happens on TV when Michelle tanner is sleeping and her daddy gently wakes her up….That never happens in real life… instead she goes on telling me what a waste I’ve become and how I need to do something with myself…. Tomorrow I will wake up bright and early I tell myself until….. Tomorrow actually comes and then I decide maybe I’ll just listen for her footsteps. looool the problem for listening for her footsteps is that they are very light and she does it on purpose… I mean my mother isn’t one of those desperate housewives ladies.. She’s got some meat on her which logically means she should be making noise as she comes up the steps.. Nope.. It’s as if she’s as light as a feather… creeps up the stairs and before you know it she’s in my room yelling at me for being such a LOSER….She reminds me of crouching tiger hidden dragon. looooool…. I need a Life ASAP… anyone willing to lend me one……

Yours truly


Sincere said... speechless...i never laughed soo hard infront of a computer in my life...all this time i was wondering what pious sisters do for fun i guess this is the the secret life of the HIJABIS...rather pathetic but alot better than the alternative options for "fun" i must say....mashallah

i got a question if those clothes and pumps need dusting off are they even in style anymore lol...but i guess since its an all sister event mashallah with no mixing than have fun impressing eachother since everyone is breaking out those old threads i guess am left to imagine and laugh it off lool..

and to contribute to society can start in your household ..not to sound sexist but since you aren't doing anything how bout a warm breakfast and dinner prepared for your family

The antidote said...

Dont you know fashion repeats itself, so eventually our stuff comes right back in style......You say Pathetic i guess i agree..loool

Cooking for the family doesnt take that much time up my friend.... I still have many hours of the day left.. But i get the point... Its not that i dont know how to be productive its just that i'm not doing it..
Thanks for the comment though

LipGloss said...

ITS 2009
we shouldnt be sleeping
we should be out gallivanting
but wait
our parents have a gps system woven into our hair so gallivanting is out of the question....ill just eat and sleep my sorrows away
Great blog
-Homer Simpson

Sincere said...


A GYM MEMBERSHIP.....keep you away from the house for a stretch of time ...helps establish a healthy lifestyle...increases energy in your body...and as a bonus your potential suiter will be pleasantly surprised lool

ButterSmooth said...

First off Sincere....i also have never laughed so hard before...."naaaayaaa sacadan ba hoorida?" I do not think you suffer this issue alone, it has actually become a hot topic for many York students who are victims of this annoying dispute. Yah, i agree with Sincere get a gym membership...and p.s next time theres a house party note it on the blog so we can slide through!

Anonymous said...

Just thought i'd let you know that i totally relate.. i mean i never would have thought that a person could get too much sleep, or get sick of having nothing to do but chill.. but us yorkies have sadly seen that day come.. lol and we've all laid in bed listening to those soft footsteps of our mothers trust me

bittersweet007 said...

loool ... is it just me or is everyone pretty much a student at York? anywho! its all true, we make our own fun within the rules of the religion, i mean can ya blame us lol. and i dont think its pathetic, its kind of creative and interesting because its like our own version as, my friend so eloquently put it, Sex and the City. loool oh and Reality, i can soooo relate on the no-more-outfits issue; wat to do, wat to do!

The antidote said...

I'm no yorkie bittersweet!!!!

reality101 said... i'm glad you can relate... i just wish those soft foosteps followed a soft good morning honey.loooool
The antidote... your one of very few....

Anonymous said...

you make things so difficult, why dont you actually get off ur feet, stop being a lazy bum and do suggestion is "get a job" this way, you actually have something to do, other than sleeping all day, and facebookin all night...all you do is complain and nag and hope that some random person on this blog will tell you some wrong advise...the name of your blog suits you.. what my point is in general... you "NEED A LIFE"

reality101 said...

I'm glad you made your point clear because you had me lost for a second... So let me get this straight.. u'd like me to get off my feet... loool i don’t know i think that might make me more lazy. In terms of looking for bad advice i doubt anyone searches for such things. People who need money work, i get by just fine... In any case my friend i can nag and complain as much as I’d like it’s the point of having a blog..looool But thanks for your time greatly appreciated, plz stop by again

Anonymous said...