need me an adventure

Asalaamu alaikum errr one

Ok so alot of people have asked me about the journey through the 10 days and why I havent finished documenting the rest of the days. Alhamdulilah we prayed all the days but because of a death in the family I temporarily lost interest in blogging about it. Those last few days are a bit personal so I'll keep it as that.

so back to my I want to go paragliding and ziplining, an sky diving an all that fun stuff, but a) I can never find a group of people brave enough to go adventure seeking with me, and b) everything costs a hell of alot of money. Why does it have to cost money to jump, off a plane, jumping is free, why can't I just rent the equipment and be on my way. I'm sure I can find some online tutorials of how to bend my legs while I'm in the air. I want to go to china an be dared to eat fried bugs and worms and throw up and laugh about it later on. Or go to a rainforest and....i dont know what I would do there but it seems interesting. Or go to an african village an just dance with the tribal leaders an paint my face like a tribal warrior. I have dreams of throwing my self off a mountain and diving into a waterfall which also happens to be on my bucketlist, I feel that I have no time to do it all while I'm still young. For a 23 year old with excrutiating random back pains my time is ticking.....HELPPPP MEEEEE!!!!!