Journey with us through the last ten days

Day 6-Tariq x2

I know we already went to Tariq but we wanted to repeat it again. One thing I'd like to say is that its not easy for someone to pick up a load of girls that are scattered across toronto, for the sake of performing Tahajjud at a masjid. May Allah (swt) reward my dear friend Hiba who took the responsibility upon herself (Ameen). I'd also like to mention that since Ramadan is coming to an end, I pray that the rest of the year feels exactly like this ramadan. InshAllah we have gained enough strength from this month to be protected against the shaytan once theyve been unchained. Tomorrow will be an odd day so we should take the time to make dua for those that are in a struggle. When we are consumed in the prayer of others, the angels make duaa for us, so inshAllah we should take advantage of that.