Journey with us through the last ten days

Day 4- IMO/Malton Masjid

Day 4 only included Hiba, my sister and I, so we decided to make the most of it and head to Malton Masjid on Dairy rd. After recieving so much positive feedback regarding this masjid, we were only too excited to check it out. Pulling up infront of the masjid we were in awe, and my reflex reaction pulled out the camera and....NO FLASH!!. We could not get a decent picture, considering it was too dark, and unusually empty. The parking lot had only one car, and we were all confuzzled about it. Like in all scary movies we got out of the car one by one an decided to check it out. We watched in horror a small group of men getting ready to pray....we turn our heads around WHERE ARE THE WOMEN!?!?!. The masjid was completely empty, and only about 5 brothers (May their prayers be answered ameen) were in it. We were too shy an nervous to pray behind them, so we left in disappointment to the nearest masjid which happened to be IMO. It was not on the list but alhamdulilah it was still great. The experience is still the same in my eyes. We all make the same duas, and we all wish for the same things. This experience is not just about "masjid hopping" but about loving all masjids equally. They all have the same concept, and it is a place of worship. These buildings welcome all walks of life, and it is something to appreciate. May Allah (swt) reward those who run these masjids for us to pray in, and may they be amongst those who are under his shade on that day AMEEN.