Journey with us through the last ten days

Day 5-Darul Hijrah

So again we didnt go to the masjid we had planned on going, this seems to be a routine lol, but it wasn't written for us to go. It was meant for us to make Darul hijrah number 5 and of course we embraced it. The reciter had an amazing voice MashAllah, however we were all disappointed he went really fast. I felt rushed, but khayr, we used the rest of the time to sit in our corners making duaa, and went to the car an played a recording of a duaa (Hiba's girl). So far the experience is great, it set a trigger on me an on all of us. We seem different, closer, our bond seems stronger then before. Unfortunately no pics again and with very good reason. The place looks like a warehouse, an I'd rather you all imagine how it looked like anyways....InshAllah if god wills Abu Hurairah will be the next masjid.....INSHALLAH!!!