Journey with us through the last ten days

Day 3-Isna Allahuma innaka afuwan, tuhibul afwa, fa'fu anee!!!

Isna is such a beautiful masjid mashAllah, I had moments where I wanted to say forget this 10 day nonsense I want to come back here. The recitor's voice was beyond amazing mashAllah, there was just something about this day that was so perfect..perhaps it was Laylatul Qadr....or not, but regardless InshAllah all my prayers are accepted. I have nothing more to say, but let the pictures speak for itself.

Isna was our top 5 masjids, but I regret not making it the last masjid to pray in. There are some masjids we would like to repeat, isna an ar rowda made the far that is

This is the wudhoo area, how gorgeous is this

This shot was the hardest to take, only because the males were still in the mussala area, and they assumed we were being so bold as to take pics of our potentials husbands LOOL....we only wanted this shot I SWEAR IT

I thank my sister for this shot, once you enter a masjid you need a brave person to take the shots, because noone wants to look like the crazy tourist eheheh

As you may have noticed no tim horton pics, my cam died an I'm too lazy to charge it. We had donuts, cheese croissants milkshakes, ice caps, tea and a peach fizzy drink....HMMMMHMMHMM you can just imagine it until I put up the pics of that