to a special friend

So a good friend of mine told me she was getting married, and instead of congratulating her....I got teary eyed. I mean yaaayyy she's getting married, I'm more than happy for her, but its the thought of her leaving that frustrates me. Change is something that is so hard to deal with. Ive written about it before being used to something, or someone in your life. You expect things to be there forever, you expect people to always be there. I expected her to always be there. Raising our kids together, and forcing them to be friends even if they didnt like each other. You dream of things that are unlikely but probable but you continue dreaming because the possibility is still there. As selfish as this sounds, I never wanted her gone, not that far away. Because those foolish dreams, as unrealistic as it sounds, may never come true now.

My favorite homie in the whole wide world, the original heart throb of toronto, this post is dedicated to you. So you know how much youve influenced my life. Ive always been told to choose my friends wisely, they may take you to paradise, well mama I have chosen wisely. I can say from the bottom of my heart that you've taught me nothing but good, on the deen, on school and just life in general. You taught me confidence and convinced me that I'm beautiful exactly the way I am. Of all the happiness, joy an laughter that exists in this world, may you be showered with plenty of it. Remember your friends *wink wink* were still here, and I'm always there for you.

Love you always