The english language seems to be evolving and the bad part is I feel like I don't understand people any more. New words are being created that I can't seem to find in the oxford dictionary. The other day someone asked me if I was straight and the only response I could give was "I'm not gay". My friend laughed and responded with "no silly I mean are you good, do you got loochie?". To avoid any further embarrassment I smiled and nodded my head. I don't like slang, its not english. If I was so concerned with learning another language I would dedicate my time to learning my own somali language again (which I happen to suck at). Is slang supposed to be cool, because you found a shorter way to pronounce a long word, doesnt that just make a person lazy. We should either get these words in the dictionary or stop making stuff up. And no urban dictionary is not a dictionary. I would be grateful if someone politely asked "how are you?" instead of a "whats cracking" thats confusing because, I havent cracked anything *looks around to see if something was stepped on*

p.s I put the pic up only because I thought it was cool.