How creepy was that, an earthquake in southern ontario, I never thought I'd live to see the day. Today surprisingly my motherly instincts kicked in when I felt my bed shaking, my initial reaction was "hmmmm this doesnt feel right" an after reading all the bbm updates on my phone (thanks guys) I realized it was an earth quake. AAAAHHH!!! now where is my little sister, is she alive, is she dead, how come noone is at my house. Maybe their stuck in the basement somewhere or maybe something fell on my family an their out there hopefully straining to keep their last breaths....In those few minutes of confusion I felt the world shake again...metaphorically that is, until that thought bubble was popped when the door opened an it was my dear old dad. Carrying a tray full of ice caps an a smile on his face my dad screeched in an excited tone "did you feel the earth quake!!"

well yes baba...yes I did

Relieved, an Loving my family *sigh*


Lonesome Dreamer said...

Glad your ok! That was pretty surprising.