God works in mysterious ways

Sometimes as humans we never appreciate what we have. When its within reach its invisible and when its out of reach it suddenly becomes the most valuable thing ever. Now I dont mean to be vague but this concept can be associated with anything. When its gone we crave for it, but we never stop to think why it was taken from us to begin with. We don't stop and say Alhamdulilah but we complain until it comes back only to realize that when it does return we get it on a silver platter. This is the blessing of Allah (swt) and when I say "we" I mostly mean myself. I realized if I didnt have such a negative connotation towards these things, and actually sat down and thought of the severity of my actions I would be more patient. The funny thing about all this is that no matter how many times I'm reminded (by my mother) I never learn my lesson, I react first and understand later. Now I hope my patience does increase because I do believe its a virtue. Because all the things that I had lost were only replaced with better things, and if I had known this earlier maybe I wouldve stopped myself from crying to begin with.

Enlightened (Hope I spelled that right)