Epitome of Beauty

A journey has begun with the battle of the mind and heart
did love really exist, should it be ranked amongst the many Ive been with
Its seems these writings are an obligation upon me
to write about the epitome of beauty and sincerity
it does exist because I lay here writing about this
writing about the truth and what I've experienced
no need for anger just acceptance of what has come
You see this poem is a must for people to know the reality
of what is and what was
and what type of men an women exist beyond what we know
I've met goodness in the flesh
and touched my dreams with a sweet caress
his first words were "you are beautiful"
and my reply was "how so?"
in a daze it blew me away,
what Ive always known through readings came before me
So I write this, a poem or something like it
to tell the world I too have seen it
They should know the myth
that love truly exists, and I peered into his eyes
an his into mine an we were then known as "us"
we were known as one, together we were love