Should I open the door?

At times trouble comes knocking on your door, and I can only wonder if I should open it. It could be anyone, my friends, my family, or just a complete stranger.

what you get when you don't open the door.....

You may never know the news the person on the other end may have for you. The news could be important information that could change your life, or how you view things. The news may not always be bad, but could have a negative outcome if its not taken care of right away. And of course it could be a stranger that would kill you and since you didn't open the door, you still have your life..

Now obviously that door will most likely be opened even if its not you opening it. The bad thing about all this is that, once you open that door then you automatically become involved. Whatever good, bad that person may bring, now has your name attached to it. You don't have to be the bad guy in this scenario, but hey you opened the door didn't you. There is now a million versions of the actual story and we will only believe the version that has the most drama....

Well someone is knocking on my door *slowly gets up an hesitates*......... Should I open it?

signing off