If I were in KSA

Being raised in Toronto Canada, I have adapted a torontonian personality, which may be different from others, but I guess we are all the same or are based under similar concepts. If I stayed in KSA, my birth place, would that make me a different person, Considering an environment creates ones personality, and even life experiences, its only fair to say the environment and experiences one can get in KSA is extremely different. I wonder if I wouldve been different, or grew up to be the same person, Would I be an introvert or an extrovert, or in between......

Would I fall for the same type of people, or would I have the same views on love that I have now. Would I be more religious or less educated.......... If I lived in KSA, that would mean I would still be living with my grandma, I can only wonder if I would be going to school, or spend my time at home.

I think of weird things, an these thoughts, aka elevator thoughts, consume my mind on a daily. But this is just KSA, we can look into somalia. I grew up not knowing about tribes and the sects in africa, however I'm sure if I was raised in somalia I'd be a qabeelist, or would I?

Or would I still be raised as the clueless person I am today........you tell me


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