Its easy for someone or something to put up an act from the outside, and at times I feel like I am a victim of illusions because I may fall for something to be truthful when infact it could possibly be a lie. At the moment I will use a simple example. I honestly and truly believe that people in comparison to my mirror lie to me. I have a bump on my eye, or so my mirror claims. I know its there, my reflection knows its there, but people (ahem ahem), do not see it.

What does this mean exactly? am I and my reflection crazy!, how can two people be crazy?

Does this mean I need another mirror or that people (ahem ahem) are just trying to be nice.
I think the way I look to other people is not how I see myself...... An my pictures an reflection do not look the same, so in total we are dealing with a whole lotta of people....this is confusing....

signing off