suckumentary at its finest

sometimes the things you want to forget the most are the things that continuously haunt you. And I don't mean to be paranoid, but its like you want to forget a name like "zamboo" and why is it the name pops up on the news, like is "zamboo" even a typical name, and ppl tell me I'm delusional and that I'm looking for these things to make sense of the bigger picture, and what happens next, the main character on a movie I decide to watch is named "zamboo", or the bball player I suddenly have a crush on is named "zamboo".....GOO AWAY ZAMBOO

now obviously I made up the name zamboo, but the real name is just as strange and I have to withold it due to confidentiality and privacy laws, I'm not tryna get sued here.

The main point that I'm tryna make is that, sometimes little things keep reminding you of what used to be good, and you begin to wonder, are these things really "signs", should I just continue what I'm doing and run into "zamboo" at other odd places, or should I take a chance and see if these signs really mean something

risk heart ache and torture, or live in a world of what ifs?

which would you choose


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Pucca said...

take the plunge and risk getting hurt. at least then you'll know and will MOVE ON! lol thats my view anyway. i hate what i'd rather cry and be over with it knowing that i gave it my all.