Trapped in a parallel dimension

I feel like I'm trapped in the virtual world, and I don't have the comfort of talking to someone face to face. This new trend that I am being sucked into seems to be changing my personality. I think I have become quite shy infront of people, because I forgot how to act around others, since most of my conversations are done over the phone or online.

This virtual world makes me more conscious (hope that is spelled correctly) of how I look when I do eventually go outside, since I am not used to showing people more than one dimension of my face. So its fair to say I only show people one side, which is a good side also at an angle that may distort or add features to my face that I may not exactly have. So yes, I am decieving people with the pictures that I put up because I want to look pretty all the time.

For instance, if I do want to meet someone that I havent met in years, I'm afraid they may not recognize me from my pictures, because quite frankly, I just don't look like that. I don't wake up to flawless skin, thats why they have photoshop!!!

All in all, I have become a hermit in my room, an I guess I long for something real, something as simple as a conversation, a touch, a hug, a real life smile. So you PINGS!!! and nudges and pokes, I no longer need you.....

*turns off computer and goes outside*

erm.... I forgot my jacket, I say good day *slams door dramatically behind*