Women shouldn't work...the antidote perspective

This may be the most controversial, and yes maybe sexist thing that Ive ever mentioned publicly, but I truly believe that as a woman I shouldn't work a day in my life.


Well this thought came to me while I woke up at 5 am for my placement at the hospital sometime ago. First thing I noticed were the bags under my eyes, my pale dehydrated tired looking skin, and I thought to myself, what on earth am I doing to myself. I got dressed and left my sleeping family in bed while I "the woman" went to work.....
Hours later I came back exhausted and zombie like, started cleaning doing laundry, time passed next thing you know my alarm clock rings an the cycle continues.......

A mans life

He wakes up, goes to school or work, comes back exhausted and zombie like, his meal is set for him (on average), he goes to bed at his own free will and does as he pleases at this point. He is not required to do housework or extra chores but he is pitied for coming home "exhausted" and we the females are asked to "leave him alone"........well what about me or girls like me, why can't exhaustion be in our dictionary..

So I thought, why not just cut some things out of the equation, like working. For now its just a back up plan but I don't think I ever intend to bother myself with work or anything that will break my nails.

AAHHH what a life that will be