unrealistic expectations

Here I am as emotional as ever an the topic for today is UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.
Of course everything I talk about in here is from personal experience, nothing too specific but pretty general in a sense that I the blogger also have the right to keep some things private.

I think that going into relationships people have expectations about the other that is just extremely unrealistic. By relationships I don't mean the western term of boyfriend and girlfriend, but I mean someone looking for marriage. In most cases I find the men always have ridiculous requirements in there list that are at times unnecessary. I feel that if you wish for an educated person in your life, you should be educated yourself, or if you wish for a women to be fit an attractive the other person must be trying their best to be healthy as well. I do understand that we shouldnt settle for less but how can you ask for someone so great when you yourself are not doing the part to fit that criteria. When did people stop being so real?

Everyone an everything seem so plastic, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I miss moments where one is praised for just being simple.