Ive built an enemy line between the mosquito and I, this is beyond war, this is hatred to a new level!!!

My dear bloodsuckers, what have I ever done to you, please spare me the grief and humility of scratching in places I dare not scratch in public. Im aware of the sweetness of my blood but Ive been told the blood of a swine is far sweeter than mine. O mosquito's I beg of thee to leave me in peace, leave me in my tranquil state of non itching. I bid thee farewell, for these scratches will leave scars and I will be forced to remember you always, this is a promise I have no choice but to keep. This wound that you leave behind will forever be a part of me, an will remain a memory of what wouldve been a beautiful day until a mosquito bit me......

good day now

*scratches on out of blogspot*