Dear Words

I apologize for abandoning you. I do wish i could visit you more often. The problem lies with my inability to write consistently. I'm an emotional writer, and well i'm not always emotionally. Perhaps you feel a bit used, or unappreciated.. And i dont blame you because i use you... I use you when i'm happy, when i'm upset, when i'm disheartened, and when i'm bored..But most often i'm very indifferent... lol.. Anyway the reason i write to you today is because well (yes you guessed it) i'm emotional.. But here is the thing. Although my emotions have brought me to you, id like to mention i dont plan on abandoning you again. Well at least those are my intentions.. And i know actions speak louder than words.. So i hope to prove you wrong in your doubt..

With Love
A writer


Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it