Do you notice my eyebrows?

Asalaamu alaikum!

So Eid Mubarak folks, or happy belated Eid. Its the year 2015 and I call this the year of the eyebrows. Now to all you fashionistas out there that are reading this and thinking, eyebrows have always been an important part of beauty for centuries!  for me tragically I am a bit behind and I have begun to notice the severity of unkept eyebrows recently....let me explain.

Now before I begin I will admit that I do not do my eyebrows, to some this may be a fashion crime but frankly I do not care for how my eyebrows look. In fact I like them exactly how they are and I have never felt the need to get them done. I went to the salon a few days before eid and before I can even say what I wanted the hairstylist looked at me, then my eyebrows and said "eyebrows are $3".
The audacity of the women to offend and humiliate my eyebrows and the worst part of it all was my response, "I'm not here to do my eyebrows". Now normally one would assume, after a few sympathetic stares and fake apologies the scene would be over
The hairstylist continued her save world hunger one eyebrow at a time rant by stating "its eid no, you have to do your eyebrows, how are you gonna celebrate eid with eyebrows like that". I for one was not informed that my eyebrows forbade me from celebrating eid, had I known earlier I would've quarantined myself...I would like to apologize for those that I have offended by exposing my eyebrows......have I learned my lesson..... sadly no.....