A Muslim Woman

I am a Muslim Woman
I am not an alien, and no black is not my favorite color, (though I find it flattering against my complexion and you instantly lose 10 inches off your waist!!!)
I am not bald, but I have an excuse to have a bad hair day.
I am not hot under my scarf, its 2010 if you havent heard already we have built in ac's up in here.
I can hear very well, it just so happens my scarf is a fabric not a wall that impairs my hearing.
I am not illiterate, I can speak english very well and sadly better than my first language.
I am not weak, I knocked out a ufc fighter with my bare hands literally!!!
I am not oppressed I practice my deen out of my own free will
I find it strange when I hear people say things like "go back to your country" ummm, I'm canadian.....
I am not married to a Muhammad that I've never seen before, infact I'm not married and don't plan to be in a forced marriage.......thats not normal
I may look strange with all these layers, but hey atleast I wont get sunburn
I wear the scarf because I love it.
I am a Muslim Woman,
I love chocolate, candies and all things sweet, I love books poetry all things real, I love food, knowledge all things human and I love peace, tranquility....all things ISLAM


Zaufishan said...

I like this, reads like a protest, or a poem.

Ramadan Mubarak :) Make dua' for us all, plenty of dhikr!


The antidote said...

Wa alaikum salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatu

O jazakallah khayr sis, I will definately make loads of duaa for everyone inshAllah