feminine jealousy

Pablo Neruda makes my knees weak...there I said it!!!!. His 100 love sonnets are about the same woman, that is just incredible. I would have loved to be that woman for that one day. My tears of joy would have turned into 100 days of mourning, and I in turn wouldve written 100 sonnets on Pablo's 100 sonnets an how I felt with each sonnet I read....Pablo thats a whole lotta love!!
Damn you Matilde (which was the woman he wrote the sonnets for <3 )


Anonymous said...

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Pucca said...

Woman, compose some romantic piece for me will ya...a love filled sonnet outlining my incredible character and beauty. Um...no homo business ofcourse, just speak the truth. Now go on and start praising...I'm feeling a bit down on love.

*waits patiently*